How to Get RID of Side Effects of Steroids?

Are you falling prey to your treatment?

Yes, you are- if you are taking steroids, blindly!

This is something I am discussing here the steroids.

But I am not supposed to defame these wonderful medicines, which prove life-saving in many of the conditions. But these medicines are problematic most of the time. And we need to know few things before taking steroids and that too blindly.

What does blindly means?

A young girl kept on using some skin cream with steroids. She came for consultation for a regular burning sensation of the skin. Her skin was thinner than the onion skin…! And it took months to heal her skin.

But all the cases are not lucky enough…

Because I treat avascular necrosis, where steroids are the cause behind the disease. Therefore I meet many people who fall prey to these medicines! Some used these for – leukemia, sarcoidosis, SLE, Asthma, Fibromyalgia treatment, and Rheumatoid Arthritis but few others only use it for bodybuilding!

And this pains me as a human being. Being a medical professional is different. But being a human is entirely different.

So we need to know hat what these steroids are supposed to do inside the body.

What are Steroids

Steroids are no aliens. The human body produces these compounds and these help us to live properly. There are many physiological activities which complete only because of these steroids, in the body.

The ones which our doctors use as medicines are chemically synthesized. These resemble closely cortisol in structure.

These medicines stop immune system activities. Therefore these helps in reducing the inflammation. This is something like- paralyzing the immune system. But in some cases, it becomes important to keep the army at bay. This is good when we do it for few days to help the body to revive.

But when we get used to these medicines. This complicates the whole thing. And side effects start appearing. And the list of side effects of steroids is infinite…

Side Effects of Steroids

There are hundreds of side effects of steroids. And here are a few of these side effects-

  1. Due to paralysing the immune System:
    Because these steroids suppress the immune system, therefore these cause a lot of problems with the working of immune system. These are like-
    • Increased infections
    • Allergic Reactions
    • Chances of falling ill repetitively.
  2. Improper Buffer Function:
    Because of the anabolic activities, these medicines cause problem with the water retention and related issues-
    • Worsening of diabetes.
    • Water retention.
    • Puffy face
    • Pedal swelling
    • Weight gain and
    • High blood pressure (because of volume of blood)
  3. Problems with Musculoskeletal System:
    • Osteoporosis
    • Muscular Weakness
    • Problems with tendons
  4. Problem with blood vessels:

These are a few of the problems which occur because of the excessive use of steroids. This list can be too long to count.

But we need not just talk about the problem.

Fools discuss the problems.

A wise man solves the problem.

How Can one Get Rid of the Side Effects of Steroids

Certainly, we all know about the side effects and problems. But we all need to know that everyone of us can get rid of these side effects. Ayurveda is at your saviour for this.

There are two things we need to learn when it comes to solving the problem with steroids and we will discuss this one by one, here-

Do you really need steroids?

Steroids are lover-boy of medical professional nowadays. When they don’t know what is to do. They just prescribe steroids. Hardly, they diagnose.

Because diagnosis s nowadays relates to machines, not human-skills.

There are hundreds of conditions which can be treated well through Ayurveda. But the so-called modern medical fraternity doesn’t believe in treatment.

So when you are taking the steroids, question yourself once- do you need these steroids.

For allergies, asthma, SLE, Sjogren’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many more Ayurveda treats the condition successfully.

Consult someone who knows Ayurveda!!

When Steroids are unavoidable

There are certain conditions, where steroids are must. Where these are must, we need to give to these. Like in terminal conditions of chronic kidney failure. We cannot let these patients fall prey to the steroids. Ayurveda is there to help.

With Ayurveda we can avoid the complications of the steroids. Ayurveda helps in many ways-

  1. Immuno-modulation: Steroids cause paralysis of the immune system. But there are hundreds of herbs which can modulate the immune system to heal you properly. And by doing so we can avoid the complications associated with immune system.
  2. Working on Haemodynamics: Due to increased anabolic rates, steroids disturbs the buffer system. And to maintain this buffer, herbs and proper ayurvedic diet helps.
  3. Improving the blood supply: The blood supply gets affected with steroids and this causes several problems. Ayurvedic blood purifiers are one which can help with the problems with blood supply.

When you want to use something to accomplish the side effects of the steroids. You should consult some proper person for this.

You can consult me through video consultation. And this will help to better understand the treatment and all other possibilities. For Video Consultation make a prior appointment.

Don’t worry.

I am there to help you with Ayurveda and won’t let you the fall prey to the steroids!!


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