• Diet For Obesity

    Obesity is the modern era epidemic which has covered almost all the parts on the globe. Obesity is a disease itself and this disease works as a cause for several other diseases so over all obesity is like a double edged sword. We all know that obesity can be controlled by diet and lifestyle alone… Continue reading Diet For Obesity

  • Diet For Kidney Diseases

    Kidneys are the important part of the body, because these eliminate most of the poisonous elements via urine, beside this kidneys are also important factors because these maintain the buffer system of the body- so that neither excessive salts & water will be lodged inside the body nor should be there depletion. Diet for kidney… Continue reading Diet For Kidney Diseases

  • Diet for Jaundice

    Liver is mostly known as the chemical factory of the body, because most of the activities of bio-chemistry takes place within the liver or under the observation of liver. Liver generally secretes bile pigments in to the bile which are secreted via gall bladder as bile. In two conditions these pigments increase many fold in… Continue reading Diet for Jaundice

  • Diet For IBS

    Inflammatory Bowel Disorder/syndrome, commonly known as IBS has become a common problem with the new generation. The relation of the IBS with both the physical and psychological axis makes it a complicated condition to be treated, along with medicines. Diet is a part that is associated with both the body and mind, so Diet can… Continue reading Diet For IBS

  • Diet For Hyperacidity

    Hot, spicy and aggressive these are not only the truths of the foods but also relates with the lifestyle we are living. This brings the hyperactivity in the body and that makes all of us prone to Hyperacidity and once we face this small problem with our health, which seems to be an ignorable problem,… Continue reading Diet For Hyperacidity

  • Diet For Gout

    Gout is a condition where the metabolism of proteins is disturbed. Due to the disturbance in protein metabolism body start producing an excessive amount of uric acid, which results in the condition where small joints (big toe joint- first of all) will be affected. This is something like, your mobile or car is producing excessive… Continue reading Diet For Gout

  • Diet For Flatulence

    Flatulence is a condition, where the intestines are full of gasses and bloat like a soccer ball. This is more a symptomless disease for most of us but this becomes severe when it starts leaving its effects on related organs. Intestines are surrounded by some important organs. Above the diaphragm, there are the lungs and… Continue reading Diet For Flatulence

  • Diet For Coronary Heart Disease

    Coronaries are small arteries, but are too vital because these arteries supply to the heart, the heart, which supplies to the whole of the body! There are certain myths about the diet and heart diseases and these myths are proving deadly due to the lack of the knowledge. Here are some of the main dietetic… Continue reading Diet For Coronary Heart Disease


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