• Can Ayurveda Help in Kidney Failure

    When you suffer with something chronic and something which doesn’t have a solution in western medicines- every eyeball turns to Ayurveda. Same happens in cases of Chronic Kidney Diseases. When patient leads to the renal failure, patient starts looking for alternatives. And this is how patient reaches to the Ayurveda for the treatment. And after… Continue reading Can Ayurveda Help in Kidney Failure

  • Process of Urine Formation in Ayurveda

    Mutra is the main excretory product of the human body. According to Ayurveda, urine formation begins in the large intestines where the fluid collects into the Mutravaha strotas. Kidneys are the central organ of Medovah Strotas instead of Mutravaha strotas. For more clarity read- Kidneys: According to Ayurveda. Primary organs of Mutravaha strotas are urinary… Continue reading Process of Urine Formation in Ayurveda

  • Kidneys : According to Ayurveda

    When you want to treat any pat or machine- it is important to understand the machine or part. Without understanding the normal structure-working or functions. It is not possible to understand the abnormality. When we claim or talk about kidney disease, we need to understand the normal kidneys. And that too from Ayurveda point of… Continue reading Kidneys : According to Ayurveda


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