According to Charaka successful treatment needs four pillars. Being a healthcare provider, Sukhayu provide two out of four.

The physician and nursing staff.

And to bring these under one roof, we have Sukhayu.

We provide treatments under supervision of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma. There are certain things which makes Sukhayu the best place for Ayurveda treatment. These are the reasons, why Sukhayu Ayurved is a place for Ayurveda treatment of different conditions. So here we will discuss all points one by one. But the list will be –

Professionally well qualified team

Any organisation needs best team to perform best. Therefore Sukhayu Ayurved, has the best team to assist you. We have all our staff well qualified and well trained. Here are the details about every body-

Dr. PardeepAyurveda PhysicianBAMS, MD (Ayurved)15 Years
Dr. NeetuAyurveda PhysicianBAMS, MD (Ayurved)12 Years
Dr. VinayYoga TeacherPh.D. (Med Plants)& Yoga TTC7 Years
Mr. Kana RamNursing StaffDAN&P6 Years
Mr. JaspalNursing StaffDAN&P6 Years
Mr. SurendarNursing StaffDAN&P3 Years
Mr. SantoshNursing StaffDAN&P2 Years
Mr. BhupendarNursing StaffDAN&P2 Years
Mr. Birju JangidNursing StaffCertificate Program in Panchakarma8 Years
Mrs. SantoshNursing StaffDAN&P3 Years
Ms. NirmalaNursing StaffDAN&P1 Year
Ms. PriyankaNursing StaffDAN&P3 Years
Ms. PinkiNursing StaffDAN&P3 Years
Ms. ManeshNursing StaffDAN&P1 Year

With this qualified and experienced team, Sukhayu is a promising place for successful treatment for all your ailments.

Best Infrastructure for all treatments

Infrastructure is the biggest problem in Ayurveda treatments. Sukhayu is not a fancy place like a resort or spa. But best infrastructure is available with Sukhayu to offer the accurate treatment for all problem.

Sukhayu has different units for OPD and IPD. The OPD center is Sukhayu City Center and IPD is known as Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital.

We believe in using the modern day technologies. But we are abide to follow the rules of Ayurveda. Guidelines by Charaka and Sushruta are our main “compliances”. We do believe in restoring the original text of Ayurveda.

Policies of Sukhayu Ayurved

Besides these materialistic compliances. Sukhayu do have certain policies. These policies makes Sukhayu the best place for ayurvedic treatment. Here are our policies-

  • We believe only in treatment.
  • Providing best diagnosis and prognosis.
  • We know how to say “No”
  • Following the standards of Shastra

We Believe Only in Treatment

Just selling of medicines is the common practice in name of Ayurvedic treatment.

They come, preach Ayurveda and then suggest some tricks for few days and end with – selling medicines/products.

We are against this marketing strategy.

We are a clinical place. Therefore we believe only in treatment. We don’t sell medicines.

Without checking patient- how can one suggest treatment? This is not possible. And nothing more than a cheating. Our suggestion to our patients is same- don’t trap in buying medicines.

Providing best diagnosis and prognosis

Many patients fumes up when we tell them- you need to come to Jaipur for consultation. This is frustrating for many of you to come so far and that too in pain. We understand this. But how can we make a diagnosis without checking you.

We do use all modern diagnostic tools to make a right diagnosis of the condition. This adds on to the accuracy of the treatment.

Once we diagnose we can tell you whether we can treat your case or not. Because this honesty is most important.

We know how to say “No”

Many patients make an opinion about us, without meeting us or without taking treatment from us.

Honesty comes through some investments.

We know how to say no- to the patients which are not treatable. As we follow the guidelines of Charak and Sushruta. They guided all physicians to not to claim the treatment for “incurable” conditions.

Perhaps this is the reason, Sukhayu is among few Ayurveda hospitals where we don’t treat- AIDS, CANCER and like conditions. We don’t want patients. We want patients which we can treat.

Following the standards of Shastra

Because we relate to a science, which is older than the diseases. Therefore it is our duty to preserve the essence of the science. That is why Sukhayu follows the standards of Shastra.

If some procedures is indicated in morning at 6, team of sukhayu will do it at 6 am. We don’t compromise. Compromise with science, effects compliance of the shastra.

These are the reasons, why Sukhayu Ayurved is a place for the Ayurvedic treatment. We invite you to regain your health through Ayurveda with us.

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