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Sukhayu IPD Center

In name of Ayurveda centers and hospitals, resorts are common. And this dragged Ayurveda to a category of relaxation and spa only. This is the reason, Ayurveda pendulum between spa and hotels. Hospitals are not common in Ayurveda.

For medical treatment you don’t need resorts and spas. You need treatment centers. You need a hospital. A hospital where you can get proper treatment. Sukhayu hospital fills this gap.

Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital

The Ayurved Hospital is located in the outskirts of Jaipur. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city in a non-polluted environment. This is a 40 bed hospital with all the facilities of Panchakarma and Yoga.

How to reach here

Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital is well connected to the road, rail and air transportation. The nearest railway station is – Jaipur Junction. And nearest Airport is- Sanganer International Airport, Jaipur.

Here are some of the relevant details about the Sukhayu Ayurved hospital, which you should know about.

Room Types

We have four categories of the rooms, at hospital and you are free to choose one according to your requirement.

Accommodation TypeFacilitiesCharges/ day
Ward/Dormitory 8 beds in a hall with shared bathroom and toilets. 500
Sharing RoomSharing based room with three beds and sharing facilities.700
Executive RoomPrivate room with double bed and attached facilities. 1000
Deluxe Room Air Conditioned, private room with attached facilities. 1500

* Charges include three times meal.
* Charges of attendant are 500 extra for

What facilities are available in sukhayu hospital?

  • Round the clock running hot and cold water.
  • 24 hour electricity.
  • TV in Semi-deluxe, Deluxe and Executive rooms.
  • Lift/Elevator for patients is available.
  • All toilets are fitted to assist patients in disability.
  • Round the clock in house availability of Doctors.

There are few regulations with patients

  • Females/Female patients are not allowed in ward.
  • An attendant is mandatory with-
    • Female patients
    • Kids
    • Elderly patients (aged more than 55 years).
  • No attendants allowed in the WARD and SEMI DELUXE ROOMS.
  • Patients are not allowed to enter in any other’s room or space.
  • Everybody should wear casual full clothes while in hospital.
  • Only one attendant can stay with the patient.
  • We don’t allow visitors in hospital.
  • SMOKING, ALCOHOL is completely prohibited.

Food at Sukhayu Hospital

We serve food according to dietary needs of the patients. If there is some recommendation from our doctors- food is separately given according to that.

Our food is-

Vegetarian, Indian food- as per requirement of the patients.

The food is prepared in our Kitchen only by our staff.

There are certain food stuffs we neither serve nor allow to the patients. Here is the list-

  • Salads
  • Sprouts
  • Vegetables like- Cabbage, Cauliflower, Okra, Peas, Spinach etc.
  • Curd and Buttermilk

Your Food is meant for the treatment. So please allow us to help you in treatment.