The cervical spine is the uppermost part of the spine which carries the extension of the brain- the spinal cord. This part holds the skull (heaviest bone) on this and is made of the simple-small bones. These small bones help in the movement of the skull (nodding yes and no) and are always busy. This causes a lot of strain on the neck and other tissues. This makes this part of the spine susceptible to disc issues and the changes with the arthritis of the spine. This condition we know as- Cervical spondylosis in general. Here we will discuss about Ayurvedic treatment of cervical spondylosis. 

Who are prone to Cervical Problems

  • Person’s working on computer regularly. 
  • Who drives excessively. 
  • Dentists- who work in forward leaning posture. 
  • Excessive use of pillows. 
  • Heavy use of mobile phones
  • Persons involved in poor posture like -sewing and like activities.

Mobiles and Computers: Cervical Issues

In last few years the use of screens- the big screens and small screens is increased. Everything is around technology and because of the excess use of the phone leads to the poor posture of the spine and it leads to the – loss of cervical lordosis and stiffness in the shoulders. Both of these conditions lead to the pressure on the discs and cause the disc bulge/disc herniation. 

This problem will impact on the younger generation more seriously because kids are now prone to the exposure of the mobile phones and pads. 

So if you are using mobile or computer very heavily, take care. Because treatment of cervical spondylosis with Ayurveda too based on the correction of the cause. 


Why Cervical Spondylosis is a complicated condition?

The highest center for nervous system, communicates with the muscles of the body through spinal cord and spinal nerves. These nerves- travel from the brain to spinal cord and from every vertebral level these supply to the fix area of the body (group of muscles). Brain is the highest center and all nerves of the spinal cord are present in the uppermost part of the spine i.e. spinal cord lying in the cervical spine. 

If there is some problem with the spine in this part, this can impact on the whole body. This is the reason, patients with disc bulge in the cervical part have problems like- numbness in the lower body parts- even in the sole of foot!! 

So it is always important to have proper treatment for the cervical spondylosis. But due to its complex nature, Cervical issues are most commonly misdiagnosed. 

Symptoms of Cervical Problem 

The list of the symptoms of cervical spondylosis is really complicated and big so we have divided all these in four groups- 

Neck Related Symptoms 

  • Pain in neck
  • Stiffness in neck
  • Pain in shoulder
  • Restricted movement of the neck. 
  •  Pain behind ear region.

Neurological Symptoms

  • Radiation of pain in upper arm. 
  • Numbness in upper arm. 
  • Problem in movement of the arm. 
  • Radiation of pain in chest and upper back. 
  • Headache 
  • Dizziness

Generalised Symptoms

  • Pain in chest like angina
  • Migraine like headache. 
  • Tinnitus 
  • Numbness in lower body parts.
  • Bladder or bowel problems

Strange Symptoms

  • Feeling low and sleepy
  • Tiredness in the body
  • Palpitations
  • Heaviness in eyes
  • Problem in concentrating. 
  • Panic Attacks
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Spinning of head
  • Vertigo

Ayurveda About Cervical Spondylosis

There are two different conditions, which are mentioned in Ayurvedic literature and are analogue to the cervical spondylosis.

Manyastambha,  Avbahuka  or Vishvachi 

Manyastambha, in this- Manya is neck and Stambha is for stiffness. So this is closest condition to the cervical problem. The second is Avabhauka or Vishvachi- this basically shows the condition of- Radiculopathy due to cervical nerve compression in the neck. And these two conditions closely relate to the cervical spondylosis. Both these conditions are related to- Vata Doshas but because the region of the neck is- Kapha so this stiffness and everything is common in this region and for Ayurvedic treatment of cervical spondylosis- we need to work on both of the Doshas.

The Treatment Approach to Cervical Spondylosis

Most of the times patients keep on taking this or that medicines and some pillows. And the reason is- fear of risky cervical surgery. This management of the pain leads to the problem with the nerves and can lead to severe problem like- Cervical Myelopathy, which can be treated but this condition is complex. 

Because cervical issues are related to mechanical problem- disturbed axis and postural problem, therefore it is important to work on this point only. We work through a three dimensional approach of the treatment. These are- 

Ayurvedic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis

Ayurveda works on the Doshas theory and as we know that there are two doshas involved with the cervical issue- Vata and Kapha. That’s why we work on the balancing of these two doshas through medicines. 

The common medicines used for this condition are- 

  • Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu, 
  • Mahavatavidhvansana Rasa, 
  • Ekangveer Rasa, 
  • Vatagajankusha Rasa, 
  • Rasnasaptaka Kashaya, 
  • Dashmoola Kashayam
  • Ashwagandha Lehyam

Yoga Asanas and Cervical Spondylosis 

You might be wondering that you are doing the yoga asnaas regularly but no relief more than a day or two, then how can we cure this problem with Yoga Asanas. 

We follow a very much scientific method for applying yoga asanas for the treatment of cervical spondylosis, as we first- balance the doshas and later on with Panchakarma we relieve the muscles by removing the deep-seated toxins. There are no  fix sets of the yoga asanas, everything is tailored according to the requirement of the patient only. 

Panchakarma for Cervical Spondylosis treatment

The toxins in the muscles like lactic acid stiffens the neck and shoulders- this leads to the problem. Panchakarma helps in removing the toxins from these local group of muscles.

There are certain procedures what we offer to the patients  and while doing the treatment we make sure that we will take care of the delicacy of the cervical spine and won’t manipulate the condition to the problem. The Panchkarma procedures we generally perform are- 

Pinda Swedanama/Ellakizhi: Herbal bags are used to remove the toxins from the local muscles and to make sure the stiffness of muslces will relieve. 

Greeva Basti and Greeva Pichu: This is a scientific way to apply the medicated oils on the local muscles and ligaments. 

Shalishashtika/Navara Kizhi: The special rice is cooked with medicated milk and it helps in ensuring the flexibility of the muscles. 

Basti Chikitsa: The wonderful Basti helps in the rejuvenation of the nerves. 

Nasya: Because main brain tissue is involved in this process, therefore nasya helps in the soothing of nerves in neck region. 

The process of treatment for cervical spondylosis at Sukhayu Ayurved

Consult with Vaidyas: We need to make sure that whether we can do the case or not. You can share your reports through email from website or whatsapp. So that we will check your case properly and can guide you for the line of treatment. 

The IPD treatment: Where you need to opt for Panchakarma treatment, you will need to admit for 15 to 21 days with us for the same. 

Post Treatment follow up: You need to continue the medicines and yoga asanas for the complete recovery for 5 to 6 months back home. 

Why Sukhayu Ayurved is the place for Cervical Spondylosis treatment

  • At Sukhayu Ayurved, we aim to correct cervical spondylosis from the root cause through our ayurvedic treatments. 
  • The oldest and most modern place for spinal treatments with specialization.
  • 18 years of experience in scientific treatment with precision.
  • The Ayurveda treatment we offer has been tried and tested over time and is safe and effective.
  • Cost-effective and safer than the risker and costlier spinal surgeries

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