Quick, impatient and full of fear are features of a Vata body type. And it is not and never a sin to be of any prakriti. These are your default conditions. And you should love to be what you are exactly. Here are the details about Vata Prakruti.

Characters of Vata Prakriti

In Ayurveda description of everything right from the Doshas and body types. These characters decide the prakriti of the persons. Here are the traits of the Vata body type

Physical Traits of Vata Body Type

  • Too short or too high body
  • Dryness in the body
  • Lean and thin body frame
  • Body weight will be fluctuating
  • Protruding “knotty” joints with a “knocking” sound from the joints
  • Quickness in blinking eyes
  • Gap in teeth
  • Good in exercise
  • Irregular movements

Psychological Traits of Vata Body Type

  • Moody nature
  • Quick to learn, only surface knowledge
  • Feeble memory
  • Anxiety and Depressions
  • Thinks after doing something
  • Feared about unknown things
  • Always chirping – talkative

These characters are most commonly talked and discussed characters of the Vata body type. But these are not as per the text. Text elaborated these traits. Because these attributes cannot be customized for digital tests. Here, I am sharing the in depth understanding of the Ayurvedic text. Which I use for my clinical practices.

The original traits of Vata Prakriti

This was Charaka Samhita, the text book of Ayurveda where concept and character of Prakruti is detailed properly. Here is the detailed description of the same-

These all characters, reflect in the Vata Prakriti too. And amazingally Charak is the only person to detail these characters one by one.


Vata is characterised by dryness, light, mobile. Besides this Vata is always in abundance in the body. Vata moves quickly in the body. It brings the coldness in the body. Vata brings coarseness in the body and also brings non-sliminess.

Vata Body type characters due to Dryness


Due to character of roughness the persons with predominance of vata will have-

  • Roughness in the skin and all body parts.
  • Underdeveloped and short stature
  • Constant rough, weak, low, adhered and hoarse voice
  • Shallow Sleep

Vata Body type characters due to Lightness


The lightness causes the following characters-

  • Light and fickle movements.
  • Always active and moving body.
  • Irregularity in the dietary habits.
  • Irregularity in the talking behaviour like missing the words again and again.

Impact of Mobility in Vata body type


Because of the mobility in the body the following traits appear in the body-

  • Unstable Joints: person keeps on moving the joints.
  • Habit of moving the eyebrows.
  • The Vata body type person will keep on moving the jaws.
  • Restless leg like conditions.
  • A person keeps on moving the hands.
  •  due to mobility, unstable joints, eye brows, jaw, lips, tongue, head, shoulder, hands and feet

Abundance and Vata Type Body


Because Vata is characterised by abundance. It brings the following changes-

  • Person is always talkative.
  • Uses excess words.
  • Person will have visually abundance of tendons and venous network

Quickness and Its impact on Vata body type


Because of swiftness and quickness of the Vata certain things appear in the body.

  • Vata people start everything very quickly.
  • With same quickness they drop all the cases.
  • Vata body type people develop fear very quickly.
  • They quickly make relations and that much quickly broke up too.
  • Vata body types are quick learners
  • But memory of this body type is also very low.

Vata Body Type and Coldness


Coldness brings-

  • Sensitivity towards cold weather.
  • Patient feel uncomfortable with coldness.
  • Cold weather and food complicates the condition.
  • Shivering in cold is common
  • Cold weather brings stiffness.

Impact of Coarseness on Vata body type


Coarseness causes the following conditions in Vata body type=

  • Coarse
    • Hairs
    • Beard-mustaches
    • Body hairs
    • Nails
    • Teeth
    • Face
    • Soles and palms

Impact of Sliminess on Vata body type


  • Cracking sound in joints.
  • Cracks in sole and palm

When these above two signs are present in case of Vata body type. It shows that character of sliminess is on surge, by default.

So if you have taken just another body type test online. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Because concept of Prakriti/body type is very profound and detailed in Ayurveda. The same way all the prakriti is described by text of Ayurveda.

Vata Dosha controls all the movements of the body. These movements can be as gross as walking and running and that subtle as moving of sensory and motor knowledge. Vata Dosha gives you a lot of different traits. Which make you unique and also exposes you to some of the risks.

Body Systems controlled by the Vata Dosha

Nervous System

This is the prime system controlled by the Vata Dosha. All the activities of the nervous system represent the movements- these movements might be of the information or of the body movements.

Digestive System

Carrying food in the different parts of the intestines and selecting between healthy and unhealthy parts of the food are two main important works designated to the Vata Dosha, beside this evacuation of the excreta from the body is also controlled by the Vata Dosha alone.

Skeletal system & Joints

All the movements initiated by the nervous system are executed by muscles and bones, so these are also prone for the diseases of Vata Dosha.

Sensory Organs

All the senses collect the knowledge and information from the surroundings so the involvement of the Vata is on a higher level with sensory organs.

Diseases of Vata Body Type

Nervous  & Sensory SystemsDigestive SystemMuscles and BonesSkin and HairsPsychological
Body pains
Neuropathy changes
Numbness in limbs
Memory Loss
Alzheimer’s disease
Problems with sight and hearing
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Colon Cancer
Paralysis of Intestine
Muscular stiffness
Muscular Spasms
Sprains and Strains
Joint pain
Cervical and Lumbar pains
Body stiffness
Dry skin and hairs
2Mouthed hairs
Skin Cracks
Brittle Hairs
Thin Hairs
Sleeplessness (Insomnia)
Unstable mood

Avoid these diseases easily by using the right Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga!

Excessive Dryness

This is a common issue with the Vata Body Type; there will be lot of dryness in the body externally as well as internally.

Psychological Disturbances: Fluctuating nature of the Vata Dosha keep on fluctuate the whole system of the body, including the brain and its activity. Input of the fears and anxiety worsens the condition.

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