The Ten Things Which Can Complicate Migraine

Do you get migraines? Do they make your life difficult, or is it the people in your life that make things complicated for you?  It’s a combination of both: migraines and people.  Although I truly wonder how many people actually read my articles (when I’m not talking about weight loss), I’m going to write an article on the ten ways to make migraine sufferers’ lives more difficult, with a smidge of my own experience mixed in!

1. Common Courtesy:  

When you’re sick and groggy, don’t give me sass.   Don’t ask if “I just need coffee” or offer to drive me somewhere….unless it’s out of your way and you’d actually like to do something for me.  Coffee makes migraines worse, so please don’t suggest it.  And if you have a migraine, no one wants to get in the car with you when you’re having an episode – not even other people who get them!

2. Animals:

When my dog is running around and I’m trying to take medication, he’s going to get yelled at.   If you want to look at that as abuse because he can’t understand what I’m saying, go ahead.  He may be a service dog but right now his job is just annoying me and making my head pound more than ever before….and distracting me from taking all of my medications on time.

 If you’re not on the floor with me and my dog, here’s a suggestion:  move out of the way.  My dog is going to get in my face and then fall on his side because he gets really dizzy when I’m having an episode; don’t be offended that I have to push him off of me so I can sit up.

3. Migraine Parties or “Can We Talk?”

When you find out that someone has migraines, don’t invite yourself over.   Don’t call at times where it would be really inconvenient if they said no!   My migraines are usually at their worst between 10p-2a, so please don’t text or call to chat during those times.  I can always call or text if I need to, but it’s very rare that I want to speak with anyone who isn’t going through the same thing as me.

4. Chatterboxes:

Please don’t make a migraine sufferer talk for more than 20 minutes at a time!   If you find someone on the couch and they seem “out of it,” chances are their head is pounding and they’re fighting nausea.    Don’t expect them to remember anything that happens over the course of your conversation – their brain won’t let them care enough to focus on anything other than how much pain they’re in unless absolutely necessary.   They may nod off….or become abruptly rude if ignored too long because we know we’re being rude – it’s just that we can’t help it!

5. Doctors:

It’s a great idea to be the health advocate for the person in your life with migraines, but don’t barge into their doctor appointment demanding answers.   You may feel like you know everything about migraine disease since you read a few articles on the internet, but let them go through their own process of diagnosis and treatment before throwing your two cents out there.   If it turns out that they need to see a neurologist or get an MRI done….well, that’s none of your business unless you’re paying for it!

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6. Medical Bills:

Don’t automatically assume that insurance will cover every medication, every visit to a doctor, every test, etc.  Insurance doesn’t always cover the things that migraines render us unable to function without (like narcotic pain relievers like Vicodin or Percocet) and many people with migraine disease find themselves receiving bills for hundreds of dollars after an ER visit….which they can’t afford because they spent all their money on meds.

7. The Flu Shot:

Don’t guilt-trip someone who has had a migraine for eight years like me into getting a flu shot!    It’s not effective in preventing the flu anyway – why would I risk my kidneys or liver by taking it?   If you overheard me talking to my doctor about how much I don’t want to get the shot, please don’t say anything about how it’s not that bad and lots of kids get them.    I know you’re trying to help, but please just trust me – I’m the one who has been living with migraine disease for eight years!

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8. Work:

If your loved one calls out sick and you think they’re faking or putting on an act so they can take a mental health day….you should probably talk to them about it instead of calling their boss and complaining behind their back.   The migraineur in your life is likely missing out on $$$ by coming to work while struggling through an episode, which is why he or she usually tries to suck it up and show up even when days they were curled up in bed would be more appropriate.

9. Migraine Medications:

Don’t complain about how much money your loved one spends on migraine medication, whether it’s over-the-counter meds or prescription drugs.  Don’t say things like “Well, what do you have to take so many pills for?” or “If I took pain medicine for my headache once in a while, maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad!”   And most importantly of all…..don’t tell us that no one else you know needs to take this stuff!    We know we’re not normal – don’t rub it in our faces!

10. The Big Day:

If you truly love someone who has migraines, don’t make him or her wait until they’re married to get an engagement ring.  It may not be an ideal choice for your relationship, but don’t make the person with the migraine feel bad about it.   This is their life and they must live in reality instead of fantasy!

Did you know that one in every four women will develop migraine disease at some point in their lives?  So yes – it’s a very common, debilitating neurological disorder and there is no cure.   But did you know there ARE real treatments for migraine pain and…

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