• Doshas involved in Allergy

    We all know that Ayurveda is all about Doshas. Therefore it becomes important to know that how doshas involve in a disease. Only after knowledge about the doshas, we can understand the treatment of the condition. Allergy is always a very complicated condition. Hard to treat and really because allergy is hard to understand. When… Continue reading Doshas involved in Allergy

  • Allergy is not about Allergens

    In clinical practice many times people come and tell – I am allergic to pollens. I am allergic to dust. And some will blame- curd or wheat for their allergies. I, as a clinician, always wonder- really- pollen, dust, curd and wheat are responsible for the allergic problems? I understand these are not behind the… Continue reading Allergy is not about Allergens

  • How Much Water for Healthy Skin

    Seven glasses a day! One and half litre a day!! Eight glasses are enough!!! Ten glasses at least to keep the skin hydrated!!!! No, no…you need only five glasses to keep your skin healthy and good textured…….. As many mouths- that much versions and everybody has their own explanation- when it comes to decide the… Continue reading How Much Water for Healthy Skin


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