Doshas involved in Allergy

We all know that Ayurveda is all about Doshas. Therefore it becomes important to know that how doshas involve in a disease. Only after knowledge about the doshas, we can understand the treatment of the condition.

Allergy is always a very complicated condition. Hard to treat and really because allergy is hard to understand. When it comes to Ayurveda and we need to understand the treatment of the condition. We need to know about the details of doshas with allergy.

Is there any machine to do this? Or which way we can find the involvement of the dosha.

The basic trick is to look for “Gunas” the characters of the doshas. These characters are easily visible in pathological process too with keen observation of the actions of the Doshas.

Which Dosha it is?

The basic problem with allergy is- the decision making process of the body. So we need to look at the dosha which makes decision for the body.

This is the Pitta dosha.

The pitta dosha is responsible for analysis. It does reasoning for every cell. Whatever enters in the body through any route- the first scrutiny is done by the Pitta dosha. When pitta dosha finds that this thing is good, body allows it. Otherwise- body starts acting against the same.

Kapha governs the second step. The immune response completes through Kapha. This is the reason- water retention, swelling, heaviness all these symptoms appear all together. Itching is also a symptom of Kapha dosha.

Now comes the third stage, where scavengers work and neural involvement starts. Vata governs this phase.

So in nutshell. This is all about the three doshas. And because of this complication, it becomes hard to treat the condition of allergy. Because it is important to help the body to make proper decision with the imbalance of all these doshas.


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