Guggulu, Commiphora Mukul is well known for its analgesic effects. This is just a part of the picture. It is good for all the three Doshas so the spectrum of the It is really rich, which made Ayurveda bring a complete section of supplements where It was the base.

This is a really strange herb, how and why? New Guggulu will make you gain weight and will increase the cholesterol and other fats in the body and old it will reduce the weight and will decrease all types of fats from the body. So next time you buy Guggulu Capsules make it sure that it is according to your purpose.

English Name:- Gum, Guggul, Indian bdellium.

Effect on Doshas


Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Guggulu

Rasa GunaViryaVipaka
Tikta, Katu, Madhur, Kashaya,Laghu, Tikshna, Snigdha, pichchil, sukshma and sara KatuUshna
  • This  have  different property like anti inflammatory, analgesic, cleaning of wound and healing due to antibacterial action.
  • Paste of Guggulu is locally applied in rheumatoid arthritis, Ankhylosing spondylitis, Fibromylagia, cervical lymphadenitis, skin diseases, piles etc.
  • It reduces foul smell and swelling of wound.
  • Its vapours are useful as deodorant and disinfectant in the house.
  • This is useful in pyorrhea and dental disorders.
  • It is useful in loss of appetite, constipation, liver diseases, piles and worms.
  • This kept in the mouth helps in wound healing and in stomatitis.
  • It helps in the ayurvedic cure of IBS.
  • It is a cardiac tonic.
  • It increases haemoglobin and leucocyte count and enhances blood quality.
  • This helps in oedema, lymphadenitis, glandur enlargements and filarial when given for a longer period.
  • It works on all tissues of body and is effective in rejuvenating body tissues and increasing strength.
  • Fresh guggulu is useful in weakness and loss of weight, but on becoming old, is useful in diabetes and obesity.
  • This is also a good rasayan in obesity and diseases of vatakapha.
Best Recommended Uses
Guggulu is best recommended to correct the basic metabolism of the body. It is indicated to maintain cholesterol and other fats within healthy limits. It also improves the working of the liver. 
Doses and Useful Parts
0.5-1.5 gms. (ghee is used as anupan), Gum resin (guggul is purified by boiling in cow’s milk in dolayantra)


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