Ayurveda Treatment for Coronavirus

ayurvedic treatment for corona virus

December 2019, something spreaded from Wuhan City of China.

A virus.

Simple protein.

When this protein came in contact with mucosa lining of the human nose and mouth- it activated. And lead to the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, like the other members of the same COVID family.

It spread like fire of the forest.

And soon world health organisation took a call and declared it as a pandemic.

People started dying. And they are still dying, even after more than six months of the breakout.

Ventilators, Intensive care unit– everything collapsed.

Medicines and medical skills became questionable.

This simple Virus, left us with millions of the questions. Questions about health, wellness and commercialisation of the health.

And it was obvious that- many eyeballs turned to Ayurveda. Where western medicines are suffering with questions- Ayurveda is dealing with curiosity of people.

Everybody is curious to know-

Is There Any Cure of Corona with Ayurveda?

I am here, discussing the different aspects of the Ayurveda. What does Ayurveda think about such condition?

Why do We Need to Discuss Ayurvedic Treatment for Coronavirus?

This is human tendency that- once everything “new” and “modern fails”, we start “introspection”. In this process we start checking the old things.

This is why we are looking on Ayurvedic treatment for COVID-19.

Corona taught us few things-

  • Medicines cannot be 100% helpful. They have limitations.
  • Medical treatments have limited scope.
  • The healing process lies with in human body itself.
  • Therefore we all are discussing the wellness and health now.
  • We need to learn to “live”.
  • And finally we cannot fight with mother nature. We need to learn about living in harmony with mother nature.

Where we have the following in discussion-

  • Mother Nature
  • Healing
  • Human Body
  • Wellness
  • Harmony

It is obvious to consider- AYURVEDA.

Because we all know it very well that- Ayurveda ensures- complete wellness by invoking healing process of the body.

But everybody pretend – ignorant.

Ayurveda has treatment or not, this discussion relates to the same point.

But in the due process of this “introspection” we are too eager to bring some medicines in market. So that we can do treatment of the corona through Ayurveda treatment.

And here, everybody is talking about –

Finding some “tablet” or “medicine” is on priority from Ayurveda community. Therefore everybody is curious to find medicines.

And perhaps here we lost the track.

Is There Any Medicines for Corona in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means some medicines, for everybody.

Because for most of us- Ayurveda is about- powder, chuttney, pills, capsules, paste and products only.

Therefore all of us have a different approach about Ayurveda-

  • For someone Haldi / Haridra (turmeric) is Ayurveda.
  • Others consider – Aloe Vera as Ayurveda.
  • Most of others think that Triphala is Ayurveda.

Same list can complete with Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Shilajeet, Tulsi and so on…..

This is the primary mistake we all make, when it comes to find some treatment for any disease.

Ayurveda is not about products, medicines and pills.

Art cannot be about colours.

It is about the vision of the “artist” and the way artist uses the colors. More than that art is about a process. And we need to understand this in a better way.

Similarly, Ayurveda is about –

  • Dietetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Use of herbs
  • Use of natural resources

And many more……

This is the reason, I always say – Ayurveda is about approach.

When we apply something according to an approach- only then Ayurveda can be helpful.


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