5 Things You Should Never Do with Avascular Necrosis

Hopes shatter, as soon as you come to know about a disease where one of your bones starts decaying. Above this the fear of surgery makes you do “everything” and “anything” to get rid of the problem. Everyone wants to stay healthy and everyone wants to avoid all types of surgeries. Between this- everything and anything- a person feels what is he doing is correct. But unknowingly, most of the patients ruin their health, completely. For Avascular necrosis treatment, every patient needs proper awareness. Because I have heard many of them saying- “humein kyaa pataa galat sahi kaa, jo saamne aayaa wo kar liya(We don’t know good and bad, just did what came across us).

I am not sure how much I can do. But one thing is for sure- I am trying to do as much as I can.

Here, we will discuss the 5 things you should never do with avascular necrosis. By doing this, we can help much more patients to save their joints.

  1. Traction of the Joints
  2. Taking Raw Diet
  3. Exercise to save the joint
  4. Intake of Calcium and supplements
  5. Water Enema

Here are the explanations of everything:

Traction Helps in Curing the AVN

Many people nowadays suggest- doing this or that for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis. And traction is the most adulterated and unverified suggestion. Wear some weight and hang your legs. This can help with the AVN of the hip joint.

Nobody knows why?

One “JERK” declared somewhere- when you put traction on the legs- it improves the joint space!

How can it be sensible to say or think like this?

Joint spaces are not empty spaces. These are because of the cartilage. And keeping the joints apart doesn’t develop the gap. You need cartilage for defined joint space.

Avascular Necrosis is about the blood supply inside the bone, deep inside the bone marrow. You can pull the muscles. One cannot stretch the bone. You might settle the pain. But subsiding the pain wont help you to heal the bone.

Eating Raw Foods for AVN

Avascular necrosis is not at all about- body weight or some dietary indiscipline.

It is not about reducing or adding something.

Avascular necrosis has a defined pathological process and there are certain things that provoke that pathology. When we want to make sure that we will get rid of Avascular Necrosis- we need to reverse the same pathology.

A raw diet doesn’t have a role in this pathology reversal, because this is alcohol and steroids (the most common causes behind AVN) which cause this problem, not cooked food. If cooked food is responsible for AVN every person in India will be a patient of necrosis of bone.

We need treatment for avascular necrosis.

Not just pain relief by reducing weight.

Exercise to save the joints

Indians strongly believe that exercise can heal everything. It might be any disease, we all are of a strong belief that we can cure everything and anything with some exercise. Perhaps this is because of the genetic information about Yoga, which we are carrying !!

But this “cure with exercise” theory might be applicable to neuro-muscular diseases or in cases where movement can solve the issue.

But none of the exercises can solve the blood supply within the bone.

Secondly, when you rub the smooth (acetabulum) surface and rough surface (the femur head)- it will damage both sides. It is common sense. And common sense says don’t make any mistake like this.

You cannot fix everything by yourself.

You need to be practical and sensible. If something is available on youtube you need not to follow that.

Check the practicality of this.

Intake of Calcium and Vitamin D

When it is about bones. The main thing that comes to mind is- milk, paneer, and everything which can provide more and more calcium to you. Because like exercise this is a myth only.

It is not calcium and vitamin D.

This is all about blood in case of Avascular Necrosis. When blood is not reaching to a place in the body (the carrier) how can you push any medicine to that part especially- the calcium and vitamin D??

I questioned my orthopedic friend about the logic behind the “prescription” of Calcium and Vitamins and he admitted- “we don’t have anything for the condition, it is just a placebo because it is hard to kill the hope of someone.”

So doctors on each side are helping hands to you. They don’t think bad about you, in most cases.

Water Enema

Perforation, hyperphosphatemia (after Fleet Enema), and sepsis may occur, causing death in up to 4% of cases- this comes from a research paper.

You have not thought that this simple water enema can complicate your health this much!!

Yes, this can impact seriously your health.

The water in the body and gut are different and this can cause serious complications in long run.

Avascular Necrosis Treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved

At Sukhayu Ayurved, we strongly believe in the following two things- Logic and Science.

We don’t follow any approach for the treatment- without these two. Because we understand the value of life and we value life. A simple mistake can turn into a big stupidity.

The AVN treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved is based on a completely scientific approach. We do follow- Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines only.


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