Things That Make Avascular Necrosis Curable With Ayurvedic Treatment

things that make avascular necrosis curable with ayurvedic treatment

Avascular Necrosis is curable with Ayurvedic Treatment. This sounds quackery straightforwardly. Because when so-called the best doctors are suggesting that as an AVN patient your destiny is just to opt for Hip Replacement. For the same condition, how someone from Ayurveda can claim that- Avascular Necrosis is curable? Is it logical? Does it make any sense? And finally, is there anything that makes avascular necrosis curable with Ayurvedic treatment?

I am doing the treatment of AVN since 2006, officially. Back then, I did have all the theoretical understanding. Like you have colors and canvas and you had not painted a dot. It was the faith of the patient.

I was not eligible to say that Ayurveda can cure osteonecrosis. He was a patient of femur head necrosis.

“You just do the treatment, I want to delay the surgery” was his promise and he added, “I won’t question you again and again”. This was the commitment of the patient which helped me to take a call. Courage to start the treatment of patients. Courage to pick the brush and to paint as little as a dot.

Belief won.

He is still on the same hips. 16 years and he got a reversal of grade of AVN too.

And today I have logic too and I can underline- things that make avascular necrosis curable with ayurvedic treatment.

Can Bones Regenerate? Yes, Bone Can Regenerate!

The hip replacement is your destiny because bones cannot regenerate.

This is presented as a legitimate reason for convincing the patients of AVN for joint replacement.

But is it really so? That bones cannot regenerate?

It is not so.

Bones can regenerate because of the following reasons-

1. Bones are Meant for Regeneration

Bone regeneration, or the regrowth of bone tissue, is an important process for maintaining bone health and can be observed in a variety of circumstances. In some cases, bones may have the capacity to regenerate completely on their own without medical intervention; however, this largely depends on the severity and type of injury sustained.

Typically, significant fractures that result from trauma or disease are difficult to heal without specialized treatment interventions. This is because although bones contain progenitor cells capable of regenerating tissue, these cells need certain environmental cues in order to effectively repopulate damaged areas with new cells and restore the normal skeletal structure.

2. Mesodermal Origin

The human body is a cylindrical, three-layered structure. These are- ectoderm (the external one), mesoderm (the middle), and endoderm (the innermost).

This middle one is like the tail of the wall lizard. With a capacity for regeneration. Progenitor cells or stem cells come from the same part.

So when someone vouches to put the stem cells inside your bone after drilling this. Just ask a simple question- “how will the blood reach the new cells you are implanting”. See the face of the person who was convincing you hard for stem cells.

These cells can transform in others only when they get proper nourishment and toxins around these removed timely.

3. This is about Bone Marrow too, not the Bone alone

Bone is a tissue that is not just minerals and calcium.

There are a lot of other things like blood and bone marrow too. Bone formation is a process that needs a lot of things. A maximum of this activity takes place in the bone marrow. This is the reason- bone marrow edema appears with Avascular necrosis. This condition everyone overlooks.

These three points make sure that bone has the capacity for regeneration.

There is a possibility.

And it is not fiction. You can cross-verify the words with modern medical science.

Don’t know why your orthopedic wants to advise you about the joint replacement that should be avoided for sure.

The Ayurvedic Approach to the Bone Regeneration

ayurvedic approach

Because AVN is all about- Avasculature. The blood supply stops. With this condition, bone marrow swells because of the lack of blood.

This leads to a stoppage in the blood supply to the- stem cells which are responsible for new bone formation.

Cells keep on dying and the graveyard of the cells starts stinking.

So it is a complicated condition, overall.

A fan is not moving without the electrical supply and you are talking about changing the fan.

Ayurveda talks about Vatarakta where the same condition occurs and this leads to the “decay” of organs. We treat the same condition and bones heal.

Sukhayu Ayurved for Avascular Necrosis

This is not about Sukhayu or me, this is all about Ayurveda and applying the approach of Ayurveda.

What Sukhayu Ayurved does practically is-

  1. We apply classical Ayurveda as it is for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis.
  2. Sukhayu strongly avoids the adulteration of Ayurveda with acupressure or anything.
  3. We follow the principles as it is- for example, if something should be done before 7 am at Sukhayu we do it at the same time.
  4. We don’t mix marketing with ethics.

These are three points that make us different.

Sukhayu held the collapsing bones with the cement of faith and belief, which we borrowed from our first patient. We witnessed the regeneration of bones.

We know how to listen to the symphony of cells inside the bone and how harmony can be bring back this


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