Reasons: Why Joint Replacement is not a Solution for Avascular Necrosis

Reasons why joint replacement is not a solution for avascular necrosis

“You can walk normally just after the second day of your surgery!” This sentence had convinced thousands of people for joint replacement surgeries. Avascular necrosis patients had so much pain that every hope helps them. Every AVN patient wants to get rid of the pain, discomfort, and limping while walking. Post Covid Avascular Necrosis cases increasing every day.

I do have a strong sense of regard for the people from another side of the line. I don’t have a hate for allopathy or surgeons. Never abused the other side of the system because everyone wants to help the patients. But the kind of impatience and greed people have, certainly hurts me. It can be normal for someone to accept this in name of the business. But there should be a thin line between ethical practices and just practice.

I say it with confidence and honesty- If joint replacement would have been a solution for Avascular necrosis, I will be the first person to refer all my cases to surgeons. As I do with cases of those who have poor prognoses with Ayurvedic treatment of Avascular Necrosis. It is not bad and I never feel bad about this.

And when I say “Joint replacement is not a solution” I do have some logic. Logic with facts and findings of modern-day research. And I am not bothered about some simple problems like- infection or pain after surgery.

The Risk of Cancer because of joint replacement

You might be thinking that above I said that I don’t hate surgery and now fearmongering about the same. It is hard to believe but it is true. Here are four (only four I am sharing)

A paper published in – The Bone and Joint Journal by WJ Gillespie states that “Implantation caused a significant rise in the development of lymphatic and hemopoietic system tumors within the first decade, while also suppressing expected rates of breast, colon, and rectum cancers.” This is not fiction or just a random thing that appeared all of a sudden.

The same thing was confirmed by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery in another research paper in 2001. Titled- The risk of cancer following total hip ok knee replacement. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Volume 87, Issue 1, 4 January 1995 – Cancer Risk After Hip Replacement With Metal Implants: a Population-Based Cohort Study in Sweden. This paper reads “statistically significant increases in kidney and prostate cancers and the decrease in gastric cancer deserve further study”.

But your surgeon has not read any of these research papers. They only checked packages and offers from the companies.

So it is not just about pain relief and getting rid of limping temporarily. It is about life ahead.

Hence my objection against surgery is genuine. I do have logic.

It is not hate.

Total Joint Replacement: Challenging your Genes

Far weirder than cancer?

It might be weird but it is equally true that total joint replacement can lead to changes within your genes. This is something that causes cancer and autoimmune conditions.

The surgeon does have a choice between different materials to implant in a young patient, but there is no clear indication as to which is the most biocompatible in the long term.” This statement comes from the editorial of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

And funnily, surgeons suggest and patients choose according to the “Price and Benefit” of the materials for joint replacement.

Do we call it – the quality of life- for which patients agree to “joint replacement”?

5 Things Your Doctor Hides from You About Avascular Necrosis

Diet for Avascular Necrosis

Common problems with Joint Replacement

Avascular necrosis is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly, and joint replacement may not always be the best solution for it. Here are some reasons why

Joint replacements are major surgeries with a long recovery time and potential risks. Avascular necrosis can significantly reduce the quality of life, but if the surgery is unsuccessful, these problems can be compounded

It is difficult to predict the outcome of a joint replacement and it may not last as long as expected. This means that a person who has undergone this surgery may eventually have to undergo another one in the future

Joint replacements are expensive and require costly aftercare, such as physical therapy and medication, meaning that a person with Avascular necrosis may not be able to afford them or find adequate care for them

In some cases, joint replacement can cause further damage to surrounding bones and tissues due to increased pressure on them when the implant is inserted or due to an infection caused by bacteria entering the surgical site during the operation

Finally, there is always the risk that a person may not be able to tolerate a joint replacement or that their body will reject it. This could lead to serious complications and even death in some cases.

In light of all these risks, it is important to consult with a doctor to see if a joint replacement is truly the best option for someone suffering from Avascular necrosis. There are other treatments available that may be more suitable, and a doctor can help determine what is best for each individual case.

Do You Really Need Knee Replacement

Why does Ayurvedic Treatment at Sukhayu be a safer and better option than Joint Replacement?

Unless you don’t have a better and safer option, you should not blame the other side of the line. It is “moral” and “ethical”.

I have answered all your queries that why it is worth trying to save your joint and avoid hip replacement. But there should be some advantages to this.

Ayurvedic treatment ensures the safety of all joints. No surgery or treatment can ensure the safety of the rest of the joints of the body, what Ayurveda can do. Because Ayurvedic treatment works on the reversal of the pathology. So that the whole system will be restored to normal. This is the biggest advantage of the treatment.

With saved joints, you can live a very much normal life. When someone sent me a selfie after completing a trek, birth of a baby (females) and a patient dancing in some party….. this is something Ayurveda can offer what joint replacement cannot offer.

For the non-surgical treatment of Avascular Necrosis, book your consultation for further treatment or WhatsApp your reports.


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