What Did I Learn From Avascular Necrosis Treatment

What did I learn from avascular necrosis treatment

Surgeons advise surgery and non-surgeon doctors advise non-surgical treatments. It confuses patients completely. What do you need to choose between surgery or Ayurvedic treatment, when you are suffering from Avascular Necrosis (AVN) like condition? What made me to treat this condition which was least known back in 2015? Cases were uncommon, and so was the understanding of the condition. My journey should be known to all you, how did I take the first case, and how did I develop an understanding of the treatment of Avascular Necrosis?

My journey with Ayurvedic Treatment for AVN

After 18 years of successful treatment of Avascular Necrosis. It is easy to mark between good and bad, right and wrong.

To understand the difference between the surgical and non-surgical approaches, you need to understand from where I started the treatments.

In 2005 when I took the first case of AVN, I was not even 1% sure that the approach that I had in my mind can turn into success. Because I have never witnessed this happening. I had an understanding of the text and faith in the 5000 years old wisdom of the Vedas.

It was a success.

Hard to believe for me too.

I was not sure. Because personally, I felt it was just “by chance”. The lack of data was my problem.

It took me 5 months after the results of the first case to meet the next patient.

The success repeated. One and half years and fifteen cases.

All were below grade 3.

I shot a video and came to youtube telling that- we are treating the cases up to grade 3 (My team says this video creates controversy) and it is still there online.

What Did I Learn about AVN

It took 10 years for a better understanding of Avascular Necrosis and its all aspects.

We neither had any specific medicines for Avascular Necrosis nor a complete protocol for the treatment of this condition. But my vision was getting clearer with every case. I witnessed all changes, step by step.

I was not sure earlier what happens immediately after starting the treatment.

How does bone marrow edema resolve and how does joint effusion resolve?

I noticed that how subchondral collapse stops at a point of treatment and which medicine makes it easier to resolve the collapse of the bone.

Today I know that Ayurvedic treatment of Avascular Necrosis can be reversed

  1. Up to the age of 44 years- because this is the oldest patient we witnessed the reversal of AVN grades in patients.
  2. We cannot treat the cases beyond grade IV (4) ficat and arlet.
  3. The treatment of AVN needs a lot of patience and perseverance.
  4. More than the reversal of grades there are a few more important things about the treatment of Avascular Necrosis-
    • It should not spread to other joints.
    • The system of the body should improve rather than just focus on one joint.
    • Don’t let the disease to ruin the quality of life.

Today after so many years, I can proudly say that I contributed to the Treatment of AVN without surgery and opened many new doors for my fellow physicians of Ayurveda.

And today I just want to confess-

If surgery would have been a solution, I wouldn’t have chosen to treat Avascular Necrosis (Reasons why surgery is not a solution for Avascular Necrosis)


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