5 Things Your Doctor Hides from You about Avascular Necrosis Treatment

You will have to replace your joint, later or sooner. This is the final statement of every doctor you visit and this complexes the life of a patient, overall. You are told that there is no treatment of Avascular necrosis and the modern-day infrastructure and rudeness of the medical practitioners never allow you to cross-question them. So here I decided to answer a few queries which go unanswered for every patient. And as a patient, you end up ruining your joint. And lastly, the fear of- “joint replacement” comes true. They hide certain things because they have had a strong belief to “Replace” the bone in spite of “repairing” the same.

I decided to answer all these things to clear the fog from the brain of people about Avascular necrosis treatment. And this is a must now when there is a boom in the number of patients with post-covid avascular necrosis. Because misinformation is something that complicates all the cases and leads to the miserable life of patients.

Don’t fall prey to misinformation. The right information is the “right” of every patient. I at, Sukhayu believe in doing so.

Here are the five points, I will discuss in this blog post-

  1. Avascular Necrosis is a disease bones
  2. Calcium has nothing to do with Avascular Necrosis
  3. Core Decompression is a treatment for AVN
  4. Joint replacement is a solution for the Avascular Necrosis
  5. Avascular Necrosis is Curable

Certainly, after reading these, you might be thinking that this article doesn’t have anything proper for you. But for a better understanding of the Ayurvedic treatment of Avascular Necrosis, you need to know these points for sure.

Avascular Necrosis is a Disease of Bone

Your bone is dying- this statement draws the attention of a patient to an orthopedic angle towards the bone. And you end up with an orthopedic doctor in search of- helping the bone to survive.

But, do you know- Avascular necrosis is not the disease of bones.

This is bone, which is affected.

Bone is not the culprit. Bone is just a victim.

And we are trying to correct the victim??

The culprit is the blood supply.

There are two processes in the bone, which continue continuously. This we call remodeling of the bone. Bone keeps on destroying and building up regularly. When this blood supply disturbs, then bone doesn’t get proper blood supply and starts dying. Besides this, the same death of tissues leads to the collection of the “toxic” elements in the bone.

But this is a misfortune caused by misinformation that we visit the orthopedic surgeon.

This is something, which your doctor never tells you. No orthopedic surgeon dares to tell you that- this is not his case and you should consult someone else for the same. Because your orthopedic surgeon wants to make sure that you will opt for bone/joint replacement.

Agony is this, for your orthopedic surgeon you are not a victim. You are just a patient whose joint needs correction and your doctor just wants to replace the joint and that too immediately.

Biphosphonates/Alderanate therapy is not a solution for AVN


But before your surgeon tells about the “doomsday-decision” of joint replacement. They just keep on offering you some medicines.

And among these medicines, there are two things: Alderanates are the first thing and most common after the calcium.

Bisphosphonates are a kind of drug that inhibits osteoclast function, which means they reduce bone resorption. Alendronic acid and risedronic acid are two bisphosphonates that have been studied for the treatment of osteoporosis. Daily oral alendronic acid administration and risedronic acid use have been found to be effective in the prevention of bone loss1.

What means in Avascular necrosis are not alone- osteoclasts. We need to stop the bone fractures. But besides this, we also need to make sure that the new bone formation will start side by side.

The same applies to calcium too.

But for me, the million-dollar question is- how some medicine can reach a place where you don’t have a blood supply?

But your orthopedic surgeons will never answer this question and will also never tell you the truth that these medicines have nothing to do with the treatment of avascular necrosis. Because these medicines cannot reach the location of the disease.

For them, the medicines are placebos. A method to buy time and to make sure you will limp slowly and one day in an emergency you will opt for joint replacement surgery.

When we started developing Ayurvedic medicines for Avascular necrosis, we aimed at the blood supply to the bone.

Can Core Decompression help in Avascular Necrosis treatment


“We will remove the dead tissue from your bone with a drill and this will help in the treatment of Avascular necrosis. Don’t worry you can start walking within a week”.

This is very convincing for many patients and they opt for Core decompression.

Core decompression surgery is a procedure to treat avascular necrosis (what they say). This surgery aims to remove the dead bone and tissue from the center of the bone. Which helps to relieve the pressure due to Avascular Necrosis. This surgery can also help to improve the blood flow to the area affected by Avascular Necrosis.

This surgery is usually done in the hip, but it can also be done in other areas of the body that have been affected by this condition.

So I do have some questions, for now-

On one side every allopath keeps on yelling- it is impossible to have some corrections in case of Avascular Necrosis. On the other hand, they think that CDR can help with Avascular necrosis by crushing the tissues.

New tissue can be expected after destructing the internal environment. But when someone talks about the reversal of Avascular necrosis with evidence- they can call them quacks!!!

But your doctor never tells you that they know about the failure of the core decompression. They use the word – let’s delay the THR. Because they know well that CDR will lead finally and quickly to Total Hip Replacement!!

Joint Replacement is the only solution for Avascular Necrosis

After a ping pong with the patient, they finally vouch for one thing- joint replacement.

Joint/bone replacement is served as a solution. But when you are suffering from some problem with blood supply, you need to work on that, not on the replacement of the tissue-where blood is not reaching.

This is something like- when your electric appliance is not working because of the problem with the electricity, the engineer tells you to replace the electric appliance. Does it make any sense?

With common sense, no one will advise you of such a solution.

The answer to this question is not a simple one, as there are pros and cons to consider with joint replacement surgery for avascular necrosis. On the one hand, joint replacement can provide relief from pain and restore mobility to the affected joint.

The problem is revision surgeries may be necessary down the road if the original implant fails. Additionally, joint replacement is major surgery and carries with it the risk of infection and other complications. For some people, these risks may be too high to justify the benefits of surgery.

But they never tell you that after the surgery it takes months to restore the normalcy of the muscles and joints. And once they replace one joint, it brings other joints at the risk of Avascular necrosis.

And what about the – repetitive trauma of surgeries?? They never tell patients about this.

Avascualr Necrosis is Curable


Joint Reconstruction Devices Market size was valued at around USD 16.8 billion in 2020.

So with this much money involved in the “incurability” of Avascular necrosis, who will tell you about the possibility of a cure of Avascular necrosis?

The hospital industry is in a hurry to make money. You and I are never just patients for them. We are just a money-milking thing.

When you opt for CDR, you make sure that you will need a total hip replacement later or sooner. And once you have done the THR, you don’t have any option other than “repetitive surgeries”. Revisions and corrections are just something that keeps on coming your way, every now and then.

Because of this, every system tries to make you believe that- this condition is incurable and you cannot solve this problem without surgery.

They never tell you that – AVN is reversible.

One of my orthopedic surgeon friends has seen the patient’s MRIs with me and has appreciated me for my achievements. But the moment I ask them to refer their patients “no I cannot” is something they tell me, with honesty.

They are honest with their approach, their business, their idea. And my honesty is towards Ayurveda and towards people only.

The Final Words

Don’t trap in marketing gimmicks.

As they say “Better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie”. I agree with this. This brings courage to talk about the hidden agenda of my own people, people from my own field. It might hurt many and more. And perhaps this “filth” will come to me also.

Daag acche hain“- stains are good if these can save someone from financial and physical trauma and can bring some happiness in the life of a family.

You can consult with me after sharing your MRI report of Avascular Necrosis, I will try to solve your problem. If I can and if it is possible.

You can also ask your queries from the links below.

Soon I will post again with some misconceptions about certain things like “diet can reverse the AVN”, follow our Facebook, Twitter or Youtube for update.

  1. Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics of Bisphosphonates


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