Gokshura; Tribulus terrestris is the herb of choice for the treatment for the urinary and genital systems. 

Generally it is thought that it works only on the male genital system but not true- it works similarly on both male and female genital system. Because this herb’s habitat is dry and xerophytic conditions so it stores a lot of minerals and other stuff for the survival and this stuff helps in maintenance of our health.

It is helpful in the treatment of renal calculi by removing these calculi by dissolving these. It works as both diuretic and protective for heart, it makes it as a good choice for heart diseases, where blood pressure is higher than limits and body has tendencies of fluid retention (Kapha Body Type).

English Name:- Small Caltrops. 

Effect on Doshas:  


Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Gokshura

Rasa GunaViryaVipaka
MadhurGuru, Snigdha SheetaMadhur
  • This increased digestive power thus it used in low appetite and piles.
  • It is a cardiotonic, therefore is used in heart diseases.
  • This reduce inflammation and helps in joint disorders.
  • It enhance the body strength.
  • Fruit juice is useful in amoebiasis and splenomegaly.
  • It is an aphrodisiac and helps in conception and impotency.
  • It is helpful in many gyanae problems like abortion, vaginal disorders, and post-natal discharges.
  • It has Diuretic effect; it dissolves calculi and amorphous calculi therefore useful in urinary calculi, dysuria and cystitis.
  • It has beneficial in respiratory discomfort and cough.
Best Recommended Uses
Gokshura is among the best rejuvenating Ayurveda herbs for complete health in general and for healthy reproductive systems in particular. It corrects the working of kidneys and urinary system. It is highly recommended in kidney stones and urinary tract infection.
Doses and Useful Parts
Fruits Powder 3-6Gm


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