• Gokshura

    Gokshura; Tribulus terrestris is the herb of choice for the treatment for the urinary and genital systems.  Generally it is thought that it works only on the male genital system but not true- it works similarly on both male and female genital system. Because this herb’s habitat is dry and xerophytic conditions so it stores… Continue reading Gokshura

  • Dalchini

    Dalchini, Cinnamon is well known for its capabilities to improve the metabolism of the body so it works well on Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity too- even this is sweet in taste.  For problems of the oral cavity right from the bad breath, cavities in teeth and bad taste of mouth- Cinnamon helps in all. Even it… Continue reading Dalchini

  • Chirayata

    Chirayata; Swertia chirata is one of the best pungent herbs in Ayurveda. It makes Chirayata the best drug of choice for Kapha and Pitta-related diseases.  Chirayata removes the toxins (Ama) and detoxifies the body completely and it makes it a good herb for rejuvenation. It is one of the herbs which reduces toxins and also gives… Continue reading Chirayata

  • Ajmoda

    Ajmoda, Carum roxburghianum also known as Bishop’s weed is valued for its antispasmodic, stimulant, tonic and carminative properties. Because Ajmoda improves secretion of the digestive juices, so it is helpful in maintaining the digestion properly. Ajmoda is also a good Cardiac tonic. Ajmoda is Useful in all disorders of urinary system, because it eliminates the Doshas… Continue reading Ajmoda


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