Ayurvedic treatment for Fibromyalgia is possible and you can lead a very normal life. After treating the complicated condition of fibromyalgia with Ayurveda in thousands of patients, at Sukhayu we have developed a proper protocol for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

You may be exhausted after a full night’s sleep, and your body feels like lead. The stiffness and pain in your muscles make it hard to get out of bed or even take a shower. But there is hope with Ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia.

There has been significant research about how specific spices from India may help with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia.

There is no one-size-fits-all cure for FM, but there are a number of options that can provide relief. First, treatment should focus on reducing pain while also restoring hope by teaching patients about what we know so far about how Ayurveda can effectively treat the condition with herbs or natural remedies such as yoga positions. Secondly, it’s important to remember that there is no single type of FM– though certain types seem more prone than others– meaning that each person’s experience will be unique.

Facts about Fibromyalgia

  • Women are affected by Fibromyalgia more often than men.
  • This condition is the best example of a Psychosomatic disease. Because FM impacts both body and mind at the same time.
  • This comes from the family of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • There are no diagnostic tools or tests to diagnose fibromyalgia.
  • Diagnosis is based on “questions” and “conditions”.
  • FM is no longer an autoimmune condition. It is considered a disease of the nervous system.
  • Ayurveda treatment for fibromyalgia patients has promising results for this condition.
  • Through Ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia, you can get rid of the problem permanently.

Fibromyalgia is a condition with chronic pain and stiffness in all muscles and joints. Besides these physical symptoms, conditions like stress, anxiety, and disturbed sleep also appear in this disease. Therefore this is considered a classical case of the psychosomatic condition.

Because of its “hard-to-diagnose” nature, this condition remains undiagnosed for a longer time. And the condition keeps on complicating.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia resemble rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, sciatica, or a low backache. Therefore it becomes important to make a differential diagnosis of the condition. So that proper treatment can start.

Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Ayurveda treatment for Fibromyalgia is based on the Doshas. And these doshas can be assessed through signs and symptoms. Signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia are of two types. Here are different signs and symptoms according to the involved areas and systems of the body.

Diseases mimicking fibromyalgia are much in number. These conditions with similar symptoms make the treatment of fibromyalgia complicated.

Symptoms associated with muscles & joints

There are specific fibromyalgia symptoms that appear in the muscles and joints. Therefore we need to know the details of the pain areas and their nature.

  • Pain generally occurs in the the muscles of lower back and neck and abdominal pain. Because this in-area stiffness impacts easily.
  • Chronic pain. Which might be diffuse, sharp, and severe.
  • Pain increases in cold weather and night hours.
  • Stiffness complicates when it is cloudy.
  • The patient feels tired for the whole day.
  • Muscles feel tired.
  • Soreness of muscles and muscular spasm is very much common in this condition.

Symptoms associated with other systems

There are certain systems that also show symptoms of fibromyalgia which is all chronic and unpredictable in nature.

  • Depression, anxiety, and nervousness are common symptoms.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Coldness of the limbs.
  • Feeling of numbness in the arms and legs.
  • Felt like pins and needles in the limbs.
  • Headache.
  • Forgetfulness and lack of concentration are also common in such patients.

In females, pain during menstruation is very much common in the case of FM.

Gastric disturbances like bloating and gas formation. These are common along with constipation in patients with FM. And most of the time these patients get diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

Because of these multidimensional impacts on the body, it is also known as fibromyalgia syndrome.

Diagnosing Of Fibromyalgia Syndrome

This is the most tricky part about FM Therefore it is important to follow the guidelines about fibromyalgia symptoms. Since 2010 a criterion made by the American College of Rheumatology is in use. Here it is-

-Pain and symptoms over the past week, based on the total number of painful areas out of 19 parts of the body plus the level of severity of these symptoms:
-Waking unrefreshed
-Cognitive (memory or thought) problems
Plus the number of other general physical symptoms
2. Symptoms lasting at least three months at a similar level
3. No other health problem that would explain the pain and other symptoms

This criterion was given by an institution of rheumatology. But nowadays this condition of fibromyalgia is all about neurology. Ayurveda treatment helps in the proper diagnosis and prognosis.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

There is uncertainty about the cause of fibromyalgia. There is confusion about the specialization between immunology and neurology. The symptoms of FM are so mixed with the nervous system and muscles. That it becomes hard to differentiate these. The other reason for this is -FM is a condition where impact is widespread. Therefore we don’t have an underline understanding of FM. But overall in the last few decades, a better understanding of FM is there. Nowadays we know FM as a condition of the nervous system.

FM is a problem with central chronic pain perception processing in the brain. In FM the perception of the pain increases. This can happen because of the following causes-

  • Emotional stress is the basic cause in many cases.
  • Physical stress or trauma can also do this condition.
  • Repetitive injuries.
  • Problems with the nervous system.
  • Certain autoimmune conditions like SLE or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Fibromyalgia may also be hereditary. Females who have a close relative with FM have a higher risk of experiencing it themselves.

Now we need to know about the ayurvedic perspective of the disease.

Ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia is planned as per the cause of the disease only. Because without consideration of the cause, no treatment is possible to plan.

Ayurveda About Fibromyalgia

FM syndrome is a condition of body pain and stiffness of the body. This is always a chronic condition in nature. This is a common condition all around the world. And above all conventional treatments are clueless about their causes and effective treatment.

Ayurveda has a different understanding of conditions like FM. Certainly, we don’t have a particular disease with the same name or expression. But when we dig down the Ancient Sanskrit text we can find many diseases which are far closer to this condition.

The best thing about Ayurveda is- the concept of Doshas. Doshas commonly cover the psychological and physiological behavior of the body. Therefore, the missing link with western medicines is available with Ayurvedic medicine. Besides this connection between body and mind. Only Ayurveda appreciates the concept of toxins and byproducts.

These toxins are- Ama.

Ama is a common word for the toxins in the body. These toxins when associate with Doshas. In this condition these doshas get turbid. This turbidity impacts both physiology and psychology.

How to Solve The Puzzle of Fibromyalgia

Ama and Fibromyalgia

Ama is the result of poor digestion. And now we know a lot of details about- microbions. When it comes to the relation of gut health with the brain- this is scientifically proven. Therefore we need to understand this connection of poor digestion, production of Ama, and conditions like fibromyalgia.

Here is the table of the Ama and Fibromyalgia- a comparative study- 

Signs & SymptomsAma in AyurvedaFibromyalgia
Stiffness in BodyYESYES
Loss of AppetiteYESYES
Poor DigestionYESYES
Weakness in LimbsYESYES
Muscular SpasmYESYES
Disturbed SleepYESYES
Neural PainYESYES
Abdominal PainYESYES

This comparative study between Ama condition from Ayurveda and FM represents the association between Ama and FM.

When Vata dosha‘s channels are blocked because of the Ama. And Vata is trapped with Mamsa Dhatu. Thus it is close to a condition of Mamsavrutta Vata too.

So Ayurveda has a cause for FM so does Ayurveda has complete Ayurvedic treatment for this problem. This justifies the logical linkage between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia syndrome.

Because of the involvement of the digestive systems (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), it is also linked with Grahani.

Fibromyalgia as Jvara

Jvara is poorly compared with fever mostly. But it is more than this. Jvara is the alone disease where- body has distress with both body and mind. Thus it can be related to the condition of fibromyalgia. When we compare symptoms of Jvara and Fibromyalgia, a lot of similarities can be seen in both these.

Here is the list of the signs and symptoms which are common between Jvara and Fibromyalgia:

  • Malaise
  • Tiredness
  • Stiffness in body
  • Lack of energy
  • Pain perception in body
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Lack of freshness

This is not just an analogy on the basis of certain signs and symptoms. When we look at the pathology of both conditions. This similarity is more proximal.

Faulty diet and lifestyle lead to aggravation of the doshas. Doshas go to the stomach and here mix with “kledaka Kapha”. Kledaka Kapha is a subtype of Kapha. Because this is like a mixture of fire and water leads to weaker digestive capacity- known as Agnimandya. Agnimandya leads to excessive production of Ama. Ama mixes with the most prevalent dosha. Then blockage in channels happens – whenever there is ama, there will be a blockage.

Then trapped Vata disturbs both other Doshas too. Therefore this condition leads to an imbalance in all three doshas.

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The same trapped Vata Dosha takes this mixture of ama and prevalent dosha to the rest of the body. Since rasa dhatu carries nutrition to all the srotas and the whole body then metabolism disturbs the whole body.

In nutshell, when Agni, the biological processes don’t work adequately. This impacts the working of the living energy of the body. So this condition causes a clear pathological resemblance with the condition of Fibromyalgia.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Ayurveda treatment is all about establishing complete health. This is possible when physiology comes to normal. Therefore we need to intervene with the working of the body. And this should be in a positive sense for the body. Mostly, the treatment is focused on Rheumatoid Arthritis, but at Sukhayu we don’t do this.

In name of treatment generally, a common mistake is there among many Ayurveda physicians. We don’t need anything in terms of helping the serotonin and certain chemicals. It is not about medicines. It is about reversing pathology to physiology.

The toxin block the channels of circulation.

These channels are of two types. One type circulates nutrition and the second are responsible for energy. In fibromyalgia, both disturb. Therefore the treatment for FM is to balance these channels. This is possible through deep detoxification.

Cleansing makes sense when we can stop the further production of toxins. When production remains the same, there is no sense in removing the toxins from the body. Therefore we need to do both things at the same time. It is always complicated to do so. Cleaning and nourishing, together at the same time.

This can be achieved with physiological activities. But when it comes to planning something similar for the energy channels. Stress is hard to manage. But this is the most challenging job to do in this treatment.

For this, we at Sukhayu Ayurved, have developed a proper approach to the Ayurvedic treatment of fibromyalgia.

What Approach we take for Ayurvedic treatment of Fibromyalgia

The line of treatment of fibromyalgia is based on four points-

  1. To remove the Ama from the body.
  2. To stop the production of Ama, by helping Agni, solving irritable bowel syndrome-like condition.
  3. The third is to balance the Vata.
  4. To reduce the stress

We achieve these results through a complete three-dimensional approach of Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma, and Yoga.

  • Ayurvedic Medicines: Internal medicines in Ayurveda suppose to bring the physiological conditions back in place. Medicines do this by balancing the doshas. Besides this internal medicines also help to remove toxins from the body. Therefore, ayurvedic medicine work for the second step also. This is the reason, in certain cases medicines will help and we don’t need to go for Panchakarma Ayurvedic therapies.
  • Panchakarma: We all know Panchakarma is a tool for detoxification. These complementary and alternative therapies help in extreme cases where toxins are too much. Medicines alone cannot help. In such cases, Panchakarma is done. So that body can be cleansed properly.
  • Pranayam and Meditation: Stress can be regulated with regulated breathing. This is well-proven scientifically. Without controlling the stress, it is hard to help in case of the fibromyalgia.

For this three-dimensional approach, we have a proper line of treatment. We follow a particular line of treatment for fibromyalgia through Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Fibromyalgia: The line we follow

The treatment procedure for fibromyalgia is not complicated. It is not just a treatment. You need to follow a process. It is a commitment.

  • The first step is the assessment of the patient.
  • We have different criteria for different patients. Therefore there is no fixed line of treatment.
  • So after the assessment, we decide on the line of treatment.
  • There are two different ways of treatment for fibromyalgia.

Indoor Treatment:
In the following criteria, you need to admit for the treatment of the condition-

  • When your problem is chronic.
  • In case the severity of your problem is too high.
  • The impact on the mind and senses is high.
  • And when you have taken some painkillers and antidepressants for a long time.

When a patient is in these criteria. The patient will need to admit to us for 15 to 21 days after a complete assessment.

Outdoor Treatment:
These are some cases with low severity. Where we just prescribe medicines after an initial checkup. Therefore you need to come for a day or so and you can return with medicines. An integrative multimodal treatment program helps in the complete cure of FM.

In any case, indoor or outdoor treatment- the patient needs to follow certain diet and lifestyle restrictions. So that chances of recurrence can be reduced.

Ayurveda offers proper treatment for fibromyalgia, it might be a slow process but overall it is promising and result-oriented.

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Panchakarma for Fibromylagia

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that has its roots in India. This system of medicine is based on the principle of balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda practitioners believe that when these three elements are in balance, health and well-being will follow.

Panchakarma is a type of Ayurvedic treatment that is often used to treat diseases and conditions such as fibromyalgia. This therapy involves the use of five different cleansing techniques:

1. Vamana: This technique involves the use of herbal medicines and therapeutic vomiting to eliminate toxins from the body.

2. Basti: During this procedure, medicated oils and herbs are used to cleanse the colon.

3. Nasya: This therapy involves the use of medicated oils and herbs to cleanse the sinuses and nasal passages.

4. Raktamoksha: During this procedure, bloodletting is used to purify the blood.

5. Virechana: This therapy involves induced purgation to remove the deep-seated toxins from the body.

Panchakarma is often used in combination with other Ayurvedic treatments, such as massage and dietary changes, in order to achieve optimal health and well-being. If you are interested in trying this type of therapy, please consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

FAQs About Fibromyalgia

Here are some of the FAQs about Fibromyalgia. These are here to answer certain quick questions so that you won’t miss anything. If we missed something, please contact us for your query-

Is fibromyalgia treatable?

Yes Fibromyalgia is treatable with Ayurvedic treatment. Because Ayurveda work on the root cause of the problem. Therefore results are there with Ayurveda treatment for fibromyalgia.

Is Ayurveda treatment of fibromyalgia safe?

Yes. Ayurveda treatment is completely safe. Because we remove the deep seated toxins from the body. That is why in other way we help your body to get better. And all the medicines of Ayurveda are natural and safe.

Is there any relation between Diabetes and Fibromyalgia?

Yes, these two conditions- fibromyalgia and diabetes are deeply associated. One can cause the flare up of the other one.

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