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Best Multiple Sclerosis Ayurveda Treatment in India – Sukhayu Ayurveda

Multiple sclerosis aka MS is a condition that brings a lot of challenges to a patient along with disability and hopelessness. We know, we cannot cure the condition. But at list Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis can add some life in your years and you can lead to a quality life. The same is the mission of Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital. Join me, join hands together and let’s change the course of disease like Multiple Sclerosis.

Vaidya Pardeep

The human body’s most delicate system is the central nervous system. This system is so intelligent that it controls everything from the finest subtle movements to gross movements. The nervous system is structured like a circuit, with a cluster of wires covered in fats known as the myelin sheath. When this sheath sheds off, current diffuses from the nerves and leads to improper functions in the body–a disease called Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

  • Why does myelin sheath decay?
  • What does flare up multiple sclerosis?
  • How can you get rid of MS?
  • Is multiple sclerosis really incurable?

What are the chances of recovery from Multiple sclerosis through Ayurveda?

Here we will discuss all these points one by one. This discussion will give a perfect overview of the condition. And certainly will help you to make a better decision about the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

What is Multiple Sclerosis

As discussed above when the myelin sheath of the nerves in the central nervous system decays. This leads to diffused nerve impulses. Because this sheath protects the nerve impulses. Similar to the plastic covering on the electric wires. When this insulation doesn’t work properly. When more areas affect by the loss of sheath, patients develop more symptoms and problems. This happens because of the loss or the diminished ability of axons to conduct impulses. 

This loss of myelin occurs in the spinal cord and brain tissue, so the effects of this condition are usually widespread. However, certain symptoms occur depending on where the plaque or lesion is located in the brain or spinal cord.

Multiple sclerosis causes disability. Because in multiple sclerosis spasticity of muscles, imbalance of the body, and numbness in body parts is a common symptom to occur. And this disease is increasing day by day. As per the Multiple Sclerosis Trust from the United Kingdom- “There is evidence to suggest that both MS incidence and prevalence rates have increased over the last few decades.” Conditions are no different in India. As per the research done by Bharucha et. Al “The last decade has seen an increase in the number of MS cases being reported in both adult and pediatric populations”. Once there was only 1 patient for every 100,000 people but now the ratio is somewhere 20 per 100,000 people. Therefore now we all need to revisit the Shastra to find Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and we are doing the same for years.

What Causes Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the nervous system. But not a problem due to the nervous system.

In multiple sclerosis, the main problem is- the immune system. This is an autoimmune condition that impacts the nervous system.

The central nervous system is a precious place for the human body. Therefore access to this place is limited for the rest of the body cells. There is a barrier that allows-disallow, all external things. This barrier is- the blood-brain barrier.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Generally as a rule these immune system-related cells are not supposed to enter the nervous system. When this barrier is breached by immune system cells. These cells enter into the nervous system and these start killing the myelin sheath cells. Because these cells specialize in killing to save the body from external threats.

Here immune cells kill and destroy the important cells of the body. And this causes the disease- Multiple Sclerosis.

So in a simple way the answer for what is multiple sclerosis is –

  1. The cells of immune system breach the barrier between blood and brain.
  2. These cells start killing the healthy, useful myelin sheath.
  3. This decay of the sheath leads to the lesions in the brain and spinal cord.
  4. Due to these lesions nerve impulses cannot move in a proper way.
  5. This leads to the symptoms of Multiple sclerosis.

This indepth understanding of the pathology helps in giving the best Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Before we move to the discussion about multiple sclerosis, we need to know about the certain signs and symptoms of Multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms and Signs of MS

How multiple sclerosis will represent in the body depends on the location of lesions in brain or spinal cord. Here are few general symptoms in the body-

  • Problems in Eyes
    • Loss of Vision
    • Double Vision
    • Discomfort in eyes
    • Frequent eye movements.
  • Problems with nerves and muscles
    • Numbness
    • Tingling in the body parts
    • Numbness in body
    • Paralysis
    • Vertigo and dizziness
    • Difficulty in walking
    • Problems in balancing while walking
    • Tiredness after a short walk
  • Problems with speech and swallowing
    • Slurred speech
    • Difficulty in chewing
    • Problem in swallowing
    • Difficulty in speaking
  • Sexual Problems
    • Vaginal dryness in women
    • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Problem with Bladder and Bowel.
    • Inability to control urine and stool.
    • Constipation
    • Difficulty in starting urination
signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis

These are the complete signs and symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. But when most of these are present in a patient, the problem is really much advanced. If we talk about the earliest symptoms, these are-

  1. Fatigue: A patient will be tired extraordinarily just due to some small activity.
  2. Tingling Sensation: in Arms and legs
  3. Blurred or double vision
  4. Neuromuscular pain
  5. Weakness

Involvement of the multiple systems of the body and complexity causes delayed diagnosis, in most of cases. A thorough examination of the patient and a skilled physician is the most important requirement for making an exact diagnosis of the condition.

Now it is the time to know about the treatment possibilities for multiple sclerosis with Ayurveda. Because modern medicine has only one line of treatment and that is to “paralyze the immune system”. Ayurveda is more promising in treatment possibilities. But before anything, we need to know what does Ayurveda says about MS? This will help us to understand the Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Ayurveda about Multiple Sclerosis

Ayurveda is an ancient knowledge of the body. The Ayurveda works in two ways for the human body. One is to prevent disease. And second is to treat a disease. When we say prevention- it is also about preventing the further flare-up of the disease. What we all look for in the case of multiple sclerosis. Before this, we need to know what does Ayurveda says about multiple sclerosis?

Ayurveda has no direct reference for Multiple Sclerosis. No such condition or syndrome, which we can relate directly to this complex condition. The main idea with Ayurveda about MS is- this is a Vata Disorder.

When one says- Vata diseases. It sounds that Vata is aggravated. But not true- Vata is not able to express itself in this condition. This is a condition where you can see the “Kshaya” decay of the Vata dosha. Vata dosha is not able to express itself. Because the support from Kapha what Vata needs is missing.

Sounds too technical!!

Let’s explore it.

Vata is responsible for-

  • Movement of body
  • Excretion of the fecal material and urine
  • Controls and makes voice clear
  • Initiates all movements of the body

Now when we look at the sign and symptoms, things will clear.

  • Movement of body: this is not good with multiple sclerosis. Problems with gate of body.
  • Excretion of the fecal material and urine: constipation, incontinence of urine and stool etc.
  • Controls and makes voice clear : slurred voice, inability to utter words.
  • Initiates all movements of the body : Weakness, problem with the working of body.

So it is clear that in MS. Vata dosha is not able to express itself. Because it’s diffused activity.

The diffused impulse in the nerves is the cause of multiple sclerosis. The same is with Ayurveda, this is diffused action of Vata Dosha!

How Ayurveda looks at MS Pathology

This is all about the disease and its understanding. But how can we answer the queries with Autoimmune conditions? Here is a simple explanation for this…

Ayurveda works solely on a theory of three doshas. Everything revolves around these. Besides this, there is a concept of Dhatus too. Dhatus are those who hold bodies together. Among the seven Dhatus- Majja Dhatu represents the central nervous system. And it is well documented a person with decay/depletion in Majja dhatu will remain a patient of Vata disease forever.

So here we have two points with us about the ayurvedic approach towards Multiple sclerosis.

  1. Multiple sclerosis is a condition with decay of activity of Vata.
  2. Secondly, Majja is the dhatu which is depleted (the lesions in CNS).

We work on these two points at Sukhayu Ayurved to treat the MS. And in the same time, we follow our strong approach of the Treatment of autoimmune diseases. Because the whole treatment is approach-based. Therefore we have proper results in patients of MS.

So let’s know more about the Ayurvedic treatment of MS…

Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

The Ayurvedic treatment that we offer for MS at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur has the following points:

  • The first and foremost thing is we want to understand the type of multiple sclerosis.
    • In relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) we need to work more for prevention.
    • And in case of primary progressive MS (PPMS) we work on slowing down the aggressive progress of the condition.
  • The complete assessment helps us to find these patterns of MS.
  • Involvement of Doshas is important to know about. This we do in different ways-
    • Pulse diagnosis
    • Physical Analysis
  • Assessment of patients is done regularly on the basis of-
    • Thinking and fatigue
    • Family and Social well being
    • Emotional well being
    • General contentment

The approach of Sukhayu Ayurved for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis is –

  • To balance the Doshas.
    • Helping the decayed or depressed Vata
    • To help Kapha to regain its nourishment properties and
    • To stop the Pitta to destruct the tissues.
  • Nourishment of Majja Dhatu
    • Because this is a condition with decay in Majja Dhatu. Therefore we work on the Basti Chikitsa told to nourish Majja Dhatu.
  • Diet and Lifestyle
    • Patient needs to control his/her diet.
    • Lifestyle is advised.
    • Meditation techniques to relax the stress.

Does a patient need to admit for the Treatment of MS at Sukhayu?

Yes, this is an in-house treatment program. Where the patient needs to admit for 21 days with us. After the in-house treatment. The patient needs to continue medicines and diet lifestyle recommendations back home.

How many times a patient with MS needs to admit?

Two to three times a patient needs to come to us for in-house treatment.

What makes Ayurveda a better choice for MS

Ayurveda is more practical in terms of the treatment of MS. This is logical and here are the reasons behind this-

  • Ayurveda covers complete human body in one go- Holistic approach of Ayurveda.
  • Immune system can be modulated well through Ayurveda.
  • Suppression of immune system complicated the condition and this is why Ayurveda is more viable system for MS patients.
  • Chronic diseases has proper treatment with Ayurveda.
  • The recurrence is least possible with Ayurvedic treatment in cases like MS.
  • Ayurveda works on the principles of diet and lifestyle, this helps in controlling the further flare-ups of the disease.

How can Ayurvedic Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis help patients?

Ayurveda can help in MS in the following ways-

  • The best thing is- Ayurveda can stop progress of MS.
  • Ayurveda can ensure no recurrence of the multiple sclerosis will be there.
  • In Ayurvedic treatment of MS we don’t use steroids and such medicines. So you wont be victimised for the side effects of the steroids.
  • The treatment with ayurveda will help your nervous system to regain its strength.
  • You can lead a better quality of life, with Ayurveda.

In conclusion, Ayurveda has a lot to offer in the case of MS.

You can find the answers for your most of the queries here- All You Need to Know About Treatment of MS.

For any query please make an appointment with us and come for the consultation with Vaidya Ji.