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FAQs About Multiple Sclerosis

Complicated diseases have complicated questions. And these questions come from mis-information which float around us in the digital world. With this information, patient collects- a lot of queries gather in mind of a patient. We asked these questions from Dr. Pardeep one by one. These questions will help you to understand approach of Ayurveda for Multiple sclerosis.

Certainly you might have few other questions too. Please email your queries to us. So that we can assist you. Here all the queries are based on frequently asked questions by our patients.

Is MS treatable in Ayurveda?

Yes, Ayurveda can certainly treat the conditions of the multiple sclerosis. But before making a general conception, we need to understand the treatment process.

When you have fever, what do you think?

Certainly the main thing is your fever should not harm your body!

Similarly, we need to make sure firstly that MS should not harm body. Because this is a progressive condition. And along with progressive nature this disease impacts multiple systems. Therefore it is important to stop the progression of the disease.

When we stop the further progression of disease- this is more than enough. And after this we start working on the resolution of the basic route cause of the problem.

And for honest answer of the condition, I need to check the patient. This question is person and condition specific. So better let me to check the patient first!!

Does MRI shows complete recovery from MS after Ayurveda treatment?

Yes we have evidences where MS plaques resolved. The main thing is devotion of the patient. How much input we give in the treatment that much results we can get.

What can I expect from Ayurveda treatment of Multiple Sclerosis?

  • The better quality of life.
  • No progression of disease.
  • Complete recovery of the problem.
  • Above all, it keeps you healthy.

And I hope these are more than enough reasons to opt Ayurveda as a choice of treatment.

How long does Ayurveda treatment continue for multiple sclerosis.

Generally, the treatment remains continue for 24 to 36 months. Two to three years. And in this period patient who are on Panchakarma treatment needs to admit 4 times in Intensive Panchakarma Care. The first sitting is for 16 days and rest of the sittings will be for 8-8 days. There will be interval of 2 to 3 months in Panchakarma sittings.

Where we do not recommend panchakarma- the patients who are in starting phase only. They need to follow up once in 6 months only and their medicines remain continue at home along with all required- diet and lifestyle changes.

How long does it take a patient to see recovery?

Recovery of neural and muscular symptoms of the MS in the first two three months. But where complications like loss of vision are present there it might take time to find the visible changes of recovery.

The basic recovery is the quality of life for a person. We follow the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) to measure the improvement of a patient. Because MRI and other changes are not major and that important in the case of MS.

Can I lead a normal life after treatment of MS?

Yes, you can live similarly normal to other people. The main thing is to avoid causative factors of Multiple Sclerosis.

The recurrence nature of this disease is more sarcastic than the disease itself. And we need to be very affirmed about avoiding all types of root causes in this disease. So that there won’t be any chances of remission.

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Should I stop allopathy medicines while taking Ayurveda treatment for MS?

This is not advisable at all to stop the medicines from any stream. The approach for MS treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved is completely integrative. We don’t work on the concept of egoism and hate. We strongly believe in science.

See, generally corticosteroids are the first choice for the treatment of MS. And you cannot stop these abruptly. Doesn’t matter how harmful or helpful these medicines are.

Therefore we never ask or promote a patient to stop the medicines. Rather we advice a patient to continue follow up with their neurologists. The main aim is to defeat the disease. And every stone should be turned for this.

What are the side effects of Ayurveda treatment in MS?

When you are following instructions from a well learned professional of Ayurveda, there won’t be any complications or side effects. The side effects are common where we keep on trying and testing the things after reading something from an online discussion. Or when we try some remedies from “quacks” who keep on promoting themselves as health gurus on TV.

When selection of medicines is done after complete assessment of the patient, chances for error are always minimum.

This is not Ayurveda which can affect negatively. The wrong application can be. And this is possible with every system of medicines.

How much hard is to follow Ayurveda treatment?

It is less complicated than the Multiple Sclerosis.

See, we are living in 21st century. Ayurveda evolved in last three decades so are doctors from Ayurveda. And at Sukhayu Ayurved, we always try that your medicines should be palatable and rules what we tell you should be easy to follow.

I have never heard a patient complaining about – hardness of rules!! So you need not to worry about all this.


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