5 Ayurveda Things to make Multiple Sclerosis Treatable

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple sclerosis gets worse with time. And the best thing is to arrest the progress of the disease. But the progressive nature and lack of medicines in the conventional systems of medicines, make patients of MS suffer forever. Ayurveda has a different opinion about this. When you integrate Ayurveda with your ongoing treatment, you can actually get rid of the progress of the disease. There is no doubt, that Ayurvedic treatment for multiple sclerosis, will help you for sure.

Here are the 5 basic things which are in line with your treatment of MS at Sukhayu. And please don’t miss the article – 10 questions about MS treatment in Ayurveda, where Dr. Pardeep Sharma has answered all top 10 queries. But before that let’s discuss the 5 things-

These five points are-

  1. Ayurvedic Medicines
  2. Panchakarma Therapies
  3. Dietary changes
  4. Lifestyle modulation
  5. Yoga and Mudras

We will talk about these five points, one by one, here-

Ayurvedic Medicines for MS

There are two factors involved in MS- Immune System and Nervous System. And this makes multiple sclerosis, a complicated condition. Because all doshas are involved in the pathological process of this disease. And to balance, everything needs a lot of precision.

This perfection comes through proper assessment. Only after getting proper details, it is possible to select some medicines. Therefore we don’t have some package of medicines for MS-like conditions. And as a patient, you should also demote any such thing.

The medicines are supposed to balance the doshas. And along with this, in MS, medicines also work on the “intelligence” part of the immune system. Because without balancing the immune system- it is not possible to work on the plaques on the myelin sheath.

There are multiple medicines and combinations, which help in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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Panchakarma for Multiple Sclerosis

Here are the panchakarma procedures that we do in patients of MS.

  • Virechana: The procedure of Virechana comes under classical Panchakarma. We do “Sneha-Nitya-Virechana”. This helps in removal of the toxins from the body.
  • Basti: When this is about all three doshas, Basti is highly recommended.
    • Basti is done for 8/16 days.
    • As per the condition of patient, we need to repeat this in particular intervals.
    • The selection of the medicines for Basti is the most tedious and important factor for the recovery of the patient.
  • Nasya: The nasal route administration of medicines is required only in case where, plaques appear in the CNS.

Apart from these procedures, certain other external procedures are planned as per the requirement of the patient. The above procedures need highly specialized INTENSIVE PANCHAKARMA CARE.

The other procedures are- Shirobasti, Pizhichil, Lepam etc.

Dietary Regulations

No treatment is possible in Ayurveda without dietary restrictions. But, actually these are not restrictions. The changes we need to make are more like required changes. Hence, as a physician I always believe that whatever we need to do to stop the progress of a disease. We should do.

Many patients asks- do they need to compromise on the taste for rest of life. And my answer always is like- you need to develop the right taste 🙂 .

Here are some foods, which you need to avoid. So that the progress of the disease can be halted. And you should do this from today and from right now-

  1. Alcohol
  2. Saturated fats- like butter, palm oil etc.
  3. Excess of Salt and Sugar.
  4. Too much RAW leafy vegetables.
  5. Cabbage
  6. Spinach and
  7. Green Peas (Fresh/Frozen).

These food items are not good for your problem of MS. And these restrictions are not hard to follow. When you have conditions like MS, these hardly matters.

Lifestyle Changes for MS

From waking up in time to bed early- here you need to change your lifestyle completely.

  • Exercise is important for you.
  • Never sleep in day time.
  • So is meditation and Pranayama.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Maintain proper hygiene, so that there won’t be any infection.
  • You need to stop smoking completely.

These are some general precautions. There might be some specific requirements too. These specific requirements are advised after your complete assessment only.

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Yoga and Mudras

As discussed above you need to be active and stress-free. Because stress and inactivity complicate the MS. Therefore yoga is a tool that can help you better. You need to do Pranayama and other breathing exercises.

Mudras are basically related to the Mahabhootas and our Yoga expert Dr. Vinay tells you about these. This is done according to the requirements of the patient.

This is a five-point plan for your complete recovery of the MS. Don’t forget to know about 10 questions about multiple sclerosis answered scientifically.


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