Healthy Diet For Acne Free Skin

Diet for Acne Free skin

Food that can causes of Acne?

What to eat to get rid of pimples?

These are two questions, asked by young people commonly. But many think that these are part of the hormonal changes in the body, so there cannot be any point of involvement of the foods with these conditions.

But when it comes to Ayurveda- food is an important part that impacts skin very quickly. And Ayurveda has a complete thought process about this topic and that is too logical.

Ayurveda: Skin and Food

As per Ayurveda, skin is a capable organ. Skin carries- emotions like feel, touch, and love. The touch itself changes the whole system, as we all know. And besides these psychological and neurological capabilities, the skin also has a capacity of digestion and excretion too.

Pitta is an Ayurvedic Dosha. Pitta decides the digestion. And one of the sub-type of Pitta resides in the Skin. This is bhrajaka Pitta. This subtype helps the skin to absorb and assimilate everything that is applied to the skin. Besides this, the skin also has sweat glands – which excrete the waste products.

So skin is not only about how do we look. Skin is a complete organ. An organ that is capable like many other systems. When something bad comes in touch with the skin – internally or externally- that will reflect immediately.

How does diet cause the problems like acne? This is very much simple. Ayurveda is a strong believer that whatever one eats will reflect on the body. And the skin is the index of the body, which is affected easily. So foods reflect on the skin immediately.

The real problem with the wrong food combinations to acne is that acne develops from inside the body, not outside. The skin is an organ, and it is an organ of elimination. We eliminate waste products through our skin, just as we lose minerals when we sweat.

How does diet cause Acne

Too many toxins inside the body can lead to inflammation in the skin resulting in clogged pores and acne. In order to treat the cause of acne, we must first remove the toxins.

Our bodies are fine-tuned machines, continually creating new cells and getting rid of dead cells. There are three processes vital to human health; appropriation (taking in food, air, water, etc), assimilation (absorbing nutrients to create new cells), and elimination(expelling waste/toxins). Eliminating the incorrect foods, and introducing the right foods into your diet will lead to dramatic improvements in your skin.

Ayurvedic Treatment of IBS

When any of these processes derail, this impacts vitality and complete health. And food being the fuel for the body, plays an important role in all these activities. Therefore the selection of the food is important. Once we take “contaminated” or “complicated” foodstuff- this leads to the excessive production of toxins too. Therefore, we need to take in the right fuel, use it effectively and get rid of by-products and waste.

For example, we get rid of waste via the digestive system, the lungs, and the skin. When the digestive system is not working properly, the toxins start building up in the whole body. This accumulation of toxins will impact on the whole body. Once these toxins are high in amount, these flow with the blood and start accumulating where blood flow is not very fast. And skin comes high in the list of such places. Once there is an accumulation of toxins, this leads to different skin problems.

Food to Avoid in Acne

The list of these foods can be very much longer. But we need to summarise this for you. So that you can find the benefit from this diet. An amazing fact is- when you follow the diet, it starts showing the good as well as bad impacts immediately. The foremost list of the foods which can cause acne is-

  • Dairy products
  • Caffeine
  • Trans fatty acid
  • Spicy and fried food
  • Processed food
  • High Sugar foods

Besides this, there are some other things too which impact the skin, let’s discuss this one by one.

The wrong combination of foods

Ayurveda strongly believes in the concept of incompatible foodstuffs.

Incompatible foods are the combination of two types of foods. Where each of these might be healthy but when taken together- these cause increase in the number of toxins. For example- milk and fruits, both are healthier choices and are essential too. But as per Ayurveda, when someone takes these together- these can cause multiple problems.

This incompatibility of foods impacts the digestion of these things. There will be two things-

  1. Poor digestion
  2. Excessive production of toxins

With this, these foods together complicate both the causative factors behind the condition of skin disease. Few of these are here-

  • Milk with salt and salty things.
  • The Milk with fish
  • Milk with Reddish
  • Hot and cold foods together – like taking hot foods with cold drink.

Too much water

Yes, you read it right. Too much water doesn’t help in getting rid of acne. The information floating on internet is not right about this trick. And Ayurveda has logic behind this too.

अत्यम्बुपान – a Sanskrit term comes in Ayurveda. It comprises different words- Ati- “excess of” and Ambu “water”. And this is the primary cause behind the problem of indigestion. And we have discussed above how poor digestion can lead you to skin problems.

Thirst is the guiding mark for the requirement of water. So you should follow that. Don’t behave like a fish but don’t be a camel too. ADEQUATE and REQUIRED are the words you need to follow.

Deep fried and oily food

Youngsters have a craze for oily and spicy foods. And young age is the time for acne problems. Burgers with fried items are the most common mistake among young kids.

This deep-fried stuff are hard to digest- is one thing and the famous combo of these with chilled cold drinks and cold lassi makes these incompatible too. So these are a must and most avoidable foodstuffs if you want to keep your skin healthy.

Unfortunately, these foods are what contributed to your skin condition in the first place. The easiest way to eliminate these foods from your diet is to be motivated to take your skin’s health back in your hands and improve your life for the better!

And if your acne is stubborn. Then visit your doctor for these. Please don’t take steroids (even for applying on the skin) otherwise these medicines will make things complicated for you. Ayurveda is the best for this condition.

And in Ayurveda too, please don’t go for any over-the-counter medicines. Either these OTC medicines never help or these help you temporarily.


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