Psychological Treatment in Ayurveda

In this era of materialism, we lack energy. This all development is leading us to a vicious cycle of the deprived energy. Which in turn leading us all to psychological problems.

Ayurveda is truly a complete, or holistic, science. In these ancient writings, insights into the science of mind and body were seen as interdependent, and a complete system of psychological healing was laid out.

According to the difference in the location of their causative factors, diseases have been classified as Kayarogas i.e. diseases of somatic origin and Manasika rogas, i.e., disease psychic origin. The causes of the former type of disease are purely somatic and the latter psychic. If the Tridosha represent the generalization of the function of the body under three broad based classifications viz., Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which are constituted by various modes of the combination of panchabhutas, the constitution of the psyche, in its structure and function, has been described in terms of trigunas viz., satva, rajas and tamas. In the context of the manas or psyche, therefore, satva represents the state of normalcy i.e., equilibrium, rajas passion and tamas inertia. The hold of satva over the other two gunas is to be inferred from the normalcy of the mental state. Rajas and tamas two manasika Dosha which are causes of psychological problems.

Practically speaking, when a person cannot find any internal or physical causes for an illness, Ayurveda suggests looking to other factors (both mental and physical): for example, lifestyle plays a vital role in a balanced or healthy life. Environmental changes can balance a person as much as herbs, aromas, or other factors. Ayurveda emphasizes the natural restoration and development of harmony and health, in the home and surroundings.

People are advised to do the following:

  • Take in positive impressions.
  • Release negative emotions (i.e., do not suppress them).
  • Maintain and develop positive self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Remember that the goal of life is Divine god.  


  • Insure surroundings of beauty and harmony.
  • Gain rest and happiness.
  • Use full-spectrum light bulbs in the winter if suffering from depression.
  • Make your dwelling, or at least some part of it, into a temple of sacred healing.
  • Prepare an altar with photos of saints, sages, deities, sacred objects, statures, gems, yantras, incense, flowers, belts, and the like (according to your faith). 

When you use this space only for meditation and chanting, it will grow in the energy of spiritual peace.


  • Daily walks renew, revive, and refresh.
  • Take hikes and nature walks; go camping.
  • Visiting oceans, streams, waterfalls, and other natural bodies of water.
  • Visit public gardens, or till and plant your own garden (with waterfall and pond if possible).
  • Get adequate sun and fresh air daily.

Doshas and the Environment

  • Vayu: Gains rest, relaxation, stability, peace and security from the environment.
  • Pitta: Needs relaxation, recreation, amusement, beauty, affection, and delight.
  • Kapha: Needs exercise, work, stimulation, motivation, exertion.

When a person is centred within themselves, there is a feeling that Mother Nature will provide all of one’s essential needs, food, shelter, peace, contentment, grace, and Divinity. This faith in her will constantly grow. Faith emanates from within the individual, is automatically experienced, and is shared with others. Faith or Divine love can be cultivated through meditation, proper diet, aromas, music, massage, yoga, and other therapies. These spiritual and healing methods allow persons to actively take positive control of their lives, clear their emotions, and enlarge their inner Divinity. These modalities help persons of different Doshas in specific ways:

  • Vayu: Releases fear and anxiety, and develops peace, faith, and courage.
  • Pitta: Releases anger, resentment, impatience, and develops love, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Kapha: Releases greed, attachment, clinging, lethargy, and develops clarity and detachment from these emotions. 


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