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Yoga for healthy life

Generally Yoga is considered as some – body posture which appear abnormal to a fellow who is introduced to Yoga for the first time. Most of the fellows are attracted to Yoga for to keeping their bodies healthy and flexible – which look attractive and younger than the actual age. Others come to get relief from some specific health problems especially back ache and other related problems. Few are also there who are looking towards Yoga as a way for spiritual enrichment. Whatever is your aim to start with Yoga; you will be definitely benefitted by Yoga and you will get more than your expectations. Yoga is more than some body postures and breathing exercises; it is a way of living life.

To experience exactly how Yoga will help you; you have to adopt it with all its eight limbs not simply Asanas and Pranayama. Without getting in the river you can never know how deep is the river and how it feels while flowing with water. With routine practice of Yoga you will get your body toned and mind stilled; and you will start to glimpse a state of inner peace which is your true nature.

Role of Yoga in Life

If we can get a hold on our body and thoughts as we have on our vehicle; there is no limit for growth as it is only our own illusion and preoccupied mind which is holding us back and prevents from fulfillment.

Now a day, life is no more that much cool and calm as it used to be some years back. It might appear that life is full of excitement and exhilaration; it is sucking also.  After passing a day full of pressures, stresses, responsibilities, frustrations, resentments, choices, temptations, and obsessions; every human being wants life more simplified. In a blind race to be better than other fellows we are making life too much complicated.

You might think can yoga help in these ups and downs of life. Surely Yoga can. With yoga you will learn how you can get rid of the restlessness of mind and have some moments of peace. Yoga also help body to learn the skill of harmonization. Once harmonized body can replenish itself easily. Yoga also tones all the systems of the body so that these will be working properly. Routine practice of Yoga improves, circulation, digestion, respiration, reproduction; improves posture and cleanses the whole body and expels the toxins out of the body.

What is not Yoga

Yoga is not about punishing yourself for doing some Yoga Asanas perfectly. Whatever you are doing is good for you as level of flexibility is different for every fellow. The moment you are feeling uncomfortable is the point up to which you should proceed while practicing a Yoga Asana.

So we can say that Yoga is a best health insurance for you and your family. It helps in calming down the restless mind, slow the ageing process, restores your energies. By remaining in a particular yoga posture you are stretching and strengthening your muscles, loosening your joints for better movements, making your breathing focused, and toning your internal organs. By holding an Asana; your mind will learn how to tune out the distractions of life. Doing yoga makes you listen to how you feel—physically and mentally. The special thing is that it cost almost nothing in comparison to what it returns back.

Yoga for Stress

In twenty first century almost everyone is living with some kind of stress. It is near about impossible to find a fellow who is free from stress. Everyone knows that moderate exercise, deep breathing, and relaxation are all great ways to relieve stress— while practicing you are doing all three. Pranayama, channelize the flow of the life force, into and out of the body. Physiologically, deep, regular breathing sends a signal to each cell of your body to relax. Yoga meditation calms your racing thoughts and exercises your ability to master your own mind, rather than let your mind master you. This is a physical, mental, and spiritual way of life that puts reality into perspective. Yoga doesn’t change your stressful circumstances, but it does teach you how to react to them without neglecting or injuring yourself.

So we should make Yoga a part of our daily life. It is the best way to live a healthy life. 


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