How Much Water for Healthy Skin

Does extra water helps skin?

Seven glasses a day!

One and half litre a day!!

Eight glasses are enough!!!

Ten glasses at least to keep the skin hydrated!!!!

No, no…you need only five glasses to keep your skin healthy and good textured……..

As many mouths- that much versions and everybody has their own explanation- when it comes to decide the exact quantity of the water one needs to keep the skin healthy. This is the endless debate. These debates from social circle complicate the whole story too much because our subconscious mind keep on storing and applying all these details on ourselves.

But how much water exactly one need to drink for healthy skin is the question. Let find the answer of this.

The Puzzle of Water and Healthy Skin

There are two things- healthy skin and complete health. If only your skin is healthy and from inside your body is rotten- does it make a sense? Not really!! So first make it sure that you need to be completely healthy. Your skin is important but skin is not that important that you can ignore rest of your body in name of skin. Thus the correct answer to the question- how much water for healthy skin- is- the amount what we need to stay healthy is the perfect amount of water to drink. How much- will be answered later in the article.

Relation of the water and skin needs to be understood here. It is said again and again by drinking plenty of water (hot or cold- carbonated or aired; a lot of questions should be answered about this too) we can flush out all the toxins of the blood- out. Is it true? In an era of the Air conditioning and “no-sweat” if we want to make it sure that all the toxins will be flushed out of the skin- we should give our body a chance to sweat- because that is the best way to eliminate all the wastes of the skin easily. So water you need to support the internal loss of water through sweat. You will drink extra water and you will loos the toxins by this water- not true even a single percent. For this you need to support your body by some good herbal combination with the water like- Detox Tea by eVaidyaJi Wellness.

Question is –

How much water for Healthy Skin

Sorry for distracting to other points.

Human body is the most beautiful machine of the world. The beauty is with its intelligence. When you are in a problem- you need not to tell your heart to beat faster- to your lungs to breath quickly and shorter and you hormones to bring a lot of energy for you! This all – beats, breathes and basal metabolic rates (3B’s) are settled to new level by default and without any command. So how can you be that intelligent to mark the right requirements of your body?

Thirst! This is a system of the body. Body has some sensors which can tell that your body now needs some water and the sensation of need of water is thirst! This centre is situated deep in the brain and is associated with the thermostat of the body. There is only one condition where your thermostat won’t be working well and that is- when you try to acclimatise your body to odd temperatures in spite of natural temperatures. So the best quantity of the water is – what your body requires and what suits to your body.

What are the complications of Drinking of Extra Water

1.    Your digestive system works slowly because all the enzymes and healthy secretions of the body will be flushed out very quickly and it lowers the quality of the digestion. Poor digestion always translates in poor and unhealthy skin.

2.    Your kidneys keep on working extra, without any motive. There will be excessive urine formation and you will have to rush to wash room again and again and once you hold the urge of urination, it will surely cause some serious health issues along with unhealthy skin.

3.    Buffer system of the body- concentration of the inter-cellular, interacellular and extracellular fluids changes by drinking extra water. This lead the condition to unhealthy skin and loss of cells from body which will be translated into unhealthy skin.

4.    Google once for Hydrotoxicosis and you will be amazed!!

So next time when you listens- this much or that much water for the healthy skin- tell yourself that you need water first for complete health and your body is intelligent enough to decide the right amount of water, as per its own needs.

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