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Ayurveda for hair fall

Hair! You ask the value of these to a person, who lost all those trillions of hair in an year or two. Once there were crops, now there are plain fields! Falling of hair is a common problem all over the world nowadays and it seems that next generation will be more than half bald! Is it evolution? Is there any specific cause behind falling hair? Can we control falling hair by natural means? Is hair transplantation the only and last resort?

Before we proceed, here is a truth you need to keep in mind. This is a normal phenomenon that almost 50 to 100 hair strands keep on falling from scalp in a day.

So if you find a hair on your shirt or pullover or in your wash room- don’t panic. This might be quite normal- physiological phenomenon. Falling hair is a term where the rate of  falling hairs is greater than rate of the growing hairs.

So hair fall is more about less growing hairs!!

There are many questions with everyone about falling hair! Here are the answers of the all one by one-

Cause of falling hair

The main cause of all this is the dryness, we are living with. With changing times we have been drier and drier day by day. Our behaviour is dry, our food is dry, and our relations are dry- this dryness lurks on our hair, very quickly. Hairs are attached with the body through hair follicles. These follicles are nourished by the sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands provide nourishment to the hair and control the growth of the hair. Sebum is the fatty secretion- secreted by these sebaceous glands- so internally hairs are nourished by the unctuous, fatty substances. To grow hair on a better pace, you need to take good diet.

Once we reduce the unctuousness in our food, this hampers the supply of the good quality of the nourishment to the hairs and once nutrition is not proper, these hairs keep on falling. This is similar to the condition when oiliness of the nature reduces in autumn and leaves fall. Same happens with the hairs with the body. So this is important to have balanced and wholesome diet.

How to control Hair Fall

The same dryness affects hairs from outside. Hair is made up of the brittle material keratins. To balance the dryness we need to supply the proper amount of the oil to hair and scalp. There are confusions that once you apply oil to scalp; it creates problems- nothing happens like this. Ayurveda has specially indicated to put some good quality of hair oil to the hair and scalp, to preserve the hair and to get rid of the stress, improves the quality of sleep and helps in many ways.

The available hair oils and conditioners in market are not oily! Most of these hair oils contain only MINERAL OIL, due to which these are non-sticky and less oily. It is amazing we need oil to apply, but this oil should not be oily.

Don’t forget to control Pitta Dosha

Pitta is the Dosha, as discussed earlier, associated with the hair and skin. So once Pitta Dosha is aggravated, it will create some problem with the hair- this might be either greying or falling of hair. So you need to maintain your Pitta under control, so that your hair will remain healthy and natural. For pure Pitta body type people- greying and falling of hair is quite normal, so first know about your Dosha and then “stress” about your hair. To control Pitta it is important to have a good control on the functions of liver. There are several herbs like – Yashtimadhu, Bhringraj, Bahrea, Brahmi, Jatamansi etc. these herbs are told to give the best quality of the hair. At eVaidyaJi Wellness we have done a lot of research to come with the KeshCare Capsules. Still we request you that if your Pitta Dosha is out of control, please reach to our physicians and discuss with them about your condition. We will be happy to assist you for complete health….healthy hair are part of the healthy body!!


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