Hair Type and Ayurvedic Doshas

Hair types and Dosha Prakriti

On almost all the websites you might have read about the individuality and how much individuality matters in Ayurveda. Your hairs, literally speak about your Dosha. Once you know that which Dosha your hairs have. You can know the needs of the hair and can nourish the hair beautifully. Here are the seven types according to the Doshas-

Vata Hair Type

Vata– Thin, dry with curls are the hair with the maximum of the Vata Dosha. These hairs break very easily. and if not nourished with good amount of oil. These will keep on falling. Condition will be different then baldness. It will be a condition of the scanty hair. Small hair won’t be to curly, but once the hair will be long enough these will be more curly.

Pitta Hair Type

Pitta– Grey, light coloured or light brown (not blonde) hair is due to Pitta Dosha. The Pitta Dosha can erase the hair from the scalp. So if you don’t find hair on a person’s scalp. And he is a perfectionist and emotional-be sure that his Pitta is on a surge. Pitta people should maintain their hair properly.

Kapha Hair Type

Kapha– Thick, strong, good, abundant are the scalp hairs of the Kapha people and these keep like this for the age. Need not to care much because Kapha’s unctuousness internally helps the strands to grow faster and keep these strong and healthy. Greying of hairs is also not common in pure Kapha persons. Kapha hairs can be too curly. These curls will reduce once hair are long, just opposite to the condition with the Vata.

Vata Pitta Type Hair

Vata Pitta– Fire-riding air! Too thin to be plucked easily and grey or just white hair is due to the excessive of the Pitta. Once Pitta and Vata come together; Vata increases the effect of the Kapha (air enhances the fire). This deadly combination of the Doshas can also cause alopecia- where hair strands will fall in patches. Dandruff and other problems may prevail with this combination of the Doshas.

Pitta Kapha Type Hair

Pitta Kapha– You might have noticed some persons with completely grey hairs but good hairs in abundance. The Pitta brings the discoloration but Kapha keeps the hair intact for the whole life that is the reason- greying of hair and good growth of hairs is accompanied.

Vata Kapha Hair

Vata Kapha– Thick, strong still scanty hair is due to the combination of the Vata and Kapha together. Complete healthy hair in old age is generally due to Vata Kapha combination or alone due to Kapha. The main difference of these two is – scanty hair where Vata is involved with Kapha. Chances of the Dandruff will be higher in this case.

The above conditions can appear as a result of some of the diseases and due to side effects of some medications. The above description is according to the normal conditions- not according to the medical conditions.

Clinically these traits are important to know. Because these all details help in making the diagnosis of a patient. Until unless there is no pathological problem with patient’s hair. One can make a judgement about the personality of a person.


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