Selecting Right Cosmetics for Your Skin

To look beautiful is the aim of every female and males too have a right to look gorgeous and handsome. This quest of looking beautifully brought cosmetics into existence. It is hard to say when and where the industry of perfumery and cosmetics came into existence because every society and civilization has its own tools to look beautiful- for examples tattoos. Tattoos seem to be very bad to someone but the same tattoos are the style statement for the next person.

Cosmetics are in abundance with us now. Many brands- Garnier, Nivea, Dove, Ponds, L’oreal, and blah-blah! Every now and then you can see a new product from these companies. These so many brands create a big confusion that what is right and what is wrong. If you will be using the products as per their indications, surely 12 hours will be less to apply these cosmetics and keep your skin healthy.

But you need to be sure that what you need for your skin and what are you using is healthy for your skin and even for your health (always remember your skin has capabilities to absorb and digest). Here are some main tips for the same-

Cosmetics are not only local

Generally, we can give try anything in name of the cosmetics because we feel that cosmetics are not going to affect the internal system of our body. If we leave the “digestive” capacities of the skin- the lip balms and lip colors enter the buccal cavity and body easily with what you eat and what you drink- the costlier the brand and product- the smaller will be ingested quantity- but surely things will be swallowed. You apply all cosmetics with your fingers and only a few wash your hands properly after applying the cosmetics- this is the second route. While breathing we inhale a lot of volatile parts of the cosmetics applied over the skin.

So whatever cosmetics you are using- are not affecting your skin locally but also leave a deep impact deep inside your body.

All herbal is not herbal

Generally, the word “herbal” in the industry of cosmetics brings the satisfaction of safety. So you can see most of the cosmetic products available in the market are labeled as “herbal”. It hardly matters how herbal and natural these products are- they just label these as herbals.

Generally, companies put some essence of some popular “herbs” and “fruits” in your cosmetic products and put an image of the same herb or fruit on the label and it makes you buy that product with surety. These essences and images don’t make your product safe and healthy for you.

Adding some aloe juice and putting some neem extract again never makes the product herbal!

Read the label carefully! See what they have mixed and what the ratio of these herbs and their extracts are there in the product?

All herbal is not safe

As per the most ancient science dealing with herbs- all herbs are not for all! If every individual is a unique entity so the need of the herbs for every individual should be unique too. Individuality cannot be partial. So you need to underline what herbs you need to apply on your skin and in what ratio.

Neem and Turmeric These are the best-known herbs for the skin. But these are too dry that if a Vata person will be using these regularly- these will cause “worst” dryness in the body and things will be complicated. In Pitta, excessive use of the Neem will bring complications with the complexion of the skin.


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