There are certain things which technology gave us as a blessing. Internet is one of these. Internet made things easy for all of us. We can do a lot of things from our homes. This helps us in many ways.

When it comes to consult your doctor from your place- it can help you in many ways. When the doctor is not near you and you want to have a proper consultation with him, internet is the only solution. And at Sukhayu we imbibe the requirements of common people so that we can help more and more people.


We understand the limitations of the online consultations too. This is the reason, Sukhayu Ayurved has prepared complete guidelines for the video consultation. And this is done to make sure that you can get proper benefits of the time and value of money.

Here are the details of the video consultation and the complete process too. Without following the process, it is hard to get the best results. So please check the details properly and watch the video too.

Process for Video Consultation

Here are the details about the process of video consultation. Please read properly so that you can get proper benefit from the consultation.

  1. Book the slot for video consultation.
  2. After booking the slot you will receive an email with all the details.
  3. Fill the form given in link.
  4. Attach all the blood reports or MRI and any other details asked from our physicians.
  5. After this you will be a time slot will be discussed with you and your consultation time will be fixed.

The duration of the video consultation is- 20 minutes.

Medium of Consultation- Only through WhatsApp or Skype.

The language for the consultation will be- Either HINDI or ENGLISH.

For longer consultations you need to book in advance. Because time slots are fixed and we cannot disturb any other patients.

Take care of the following during consultation

Productivity and proper consultation is possible when we have some guidelines. Here are things you need to take care during the consultation-

  1. Please make list of your questions in advance.
  2. When asked, answer your question
  3. All queries should be related to the topic and disease you have selected.
  4. Try to be focus on the diagnosis-prognosis and treatment.
  5. Keep the consultation completely professional.

What you will get after consultation

Here are the details of- what you will get after the consultation.

  1. You need not to make any notes during consultation.
  2. All the details will be given on the digitalised prescription through email or whatsapp.
  3. Diet and other guidelines will reach to you through email or whatsapp.
  4. Yoga Asanas where-ever required, our yoga expert will guide you for that.

What you won’t get through the video consultation

We know we have limitations and we all need to regard these. Here are few limitations-

  1. We cannot detail you for PANCHAKARMA AT HOME (this can be really very harmful for you). This is not about the fee or charges.
  2. Whichever treatment will be best for you. Our physicians will share with you. Therefore you need not to disappoint about the options.
  3. In certain cases where our physicians cannot make proper decision and you might need to travel to Jaipur for personal consultation.

Where you feel that you missed some question, please email or whatsapp us. We will revert on that.

Because we understand your details, medical conditions and all other relevant or irrelevant details are important to you. This is why we are abide to ensure you for your data protection as per the law of Indian State.

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