Kunjal for Sinusitis: Should you do this?

This is an era of DIY. For older generation it is important to know DIY is- do it yourself. People keep on watching the videos on different platforms. And the 5-minute-hack invites everybody. People also try the same for the treatments.

Because everybody wants to – solve their problems by themselves. People do it for their diseases too.

This habit might save some money, for sure. Because doctors charge for their services, so do I. But in most of the cases people complicate their diseases in this process. You save 10 bucks now and later you pay 1000 for the same condition. So overall it cost you 90 bucks in spite of 10.

Kunjal for Sinusitis is the example for the same.

People look at the internet and because Yoga is high on sale. So there are millions of links which gide the patients with sinusitis to just do Kunjal every day.

Cleansing, helps but not always.

People learn the process to do the Kunjal from youtube tutorial too. And many times they do it wrong. And even when you do right- it doesn’t help. There are certain complications of doing the kunjal in case of Sinusitis.

How does Kunjal complicate the Sinusitis

Here are some of the common complications of the Kunjal. And this makes the condition more like “incurable”

Increased Dryness

Most of the time- the hot and salty water- leads to the dryness. And in case of the Vataja type of Sinusitis- it complicates the whole condition. When you keep on doing this- you cannot get rid of the problem.

Trapped Water in cavities

The water- traps in the cavities. Because these cavities in the skull- paranasal sinuses – don’t have the exits. And once this water lodges in the sinuses. It leads to the complications.

Salt is not good

Salt might help in the Vata. But, because the upper respiratory tract is a region for the Kapha. Therefore the salt adds on to Kapha and complicates the whole thing. And this makes the whole condition- incurable.

The list can be long.

But these three are enough to make you sure to NOT-TO-DO-KUNJAL-FOR-SINUSITIS. So here is the answer for many of you sinusitis patients-

Don’t do Kunjala without a proper advice.

Consult some professionally trained person for the treatment.

Treatment is not just like – FIXING HEEL OF YOUR SANDAL by watching the DIY-5-MINUTES-HACK.


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