Can Ayurveda Help in Kidney Failure

can ayurveda help for kidney disease

When you suffer with something chronic and something which doesn’t have a solution in western medicines- every eyeball turns to Ayurveda. Same happens in cases of Chronic Kidney Diseases. When patient leads to the renal failure, patient starts looking for alternatives. And this is how patient reaches to the Ayurveda for the treatment.

And after the long “hunt” for treatment, when every doctor advises for – Dialysis and Kidney transplant. Patient wants “magic” and “magical-remedies”. This is where quackery comes in existent. Every Tom and Harry starts telling and selling some packs of medicines in claim- that you can get rid of dialysis and in long run- your kidneys will restore to normal.

Is it this easy?

Are these claims to “restore” kidneys are true enough to believe?

And how can you a patient decide what to do and where to go?

As a Vaidya (Ayurveda Physician) this is my duty to answer these questions. Without any biased outlook.

First we need to answer the basic question-

Does Ayurveda has treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease?

Yes, Ayurveda has solution for the chronic disease.

But this cannot be a general statement. General comments doesn’t work with Ayurveda.

Because Ayurveda is all about personal and individual treatment. And the criteria for the prognosis is very strong for Ayurveda.

Secondly, Ayurveda has strong exclusion and inclusion criteria for every condition.

With these two things- nobody can make a general statement like- some condition curable or not! Everything depends on the patient and condition of the patient.

So if anyone claims without checking your reports and without knowing condition of patient- that case is treatable. This will be a perfect lie in pretext of Ayurvedic treatment.

How can a patient choose between right or wrong?

Many patients when they come to us after being trapped in quackery, they counter question me always-

How can a patient decide where to go and what to do?

I always suggest that when someone is claims for the treatment of conditions like chronic kidney disease, you need to check the followings-

  • Did person check your reports before advising you the treatment?
  • Before starting the medicines – was your whole medical history taken properly?
  • Does the person claim to treat every case?
  • What is the scientific logic behind the claim of treatment?

These are basic four points which can clear the whole confusion about right and wrong.

Because as per Ayurveda-

  • Every case of any disease is not treatable?
  • Medical history of the patient means a lot in every case?
  • Treatment is only possible with certain logic?

So you need to aware and educate yourself before being hauted for any such claims.

Believe me after 15 years of clinical practice, I know that every case is special and no single case is comparable to the other.

And along with physicians this is duty of patient too, hopefully we all need to be more “aware” about the selection of the treatment.


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