What Makes Parkinson’s Disease a Curable In Ayurveda

Parkinson's disease cure

Parkinson’s is a condition that is considered incurable in Western medicine. The cases of Parkinson’s are increasing by leaps and bounds. Earlier this condition was considered as a disease of aging- a geriatric disease. But nowadays younger patients are coming to OPDs. But with increasing understanding of biomolecular behavior of the body, we today understand this is not alone the aging process that causes Parkinson’s. Now a larger group of scientists understand that Parkinson’s disease is something that is beyond tremors. There are many different angles that are responsible for this condition. And does Parkinson’s disease curable in Ayurveda.

Why Parkinson’s is so common nowadays?

The most common cause behind Parkinson’s disease nowadays is the faster and early degeneration of the human body. We are aging very fast. There are certain theories about the Quicker aging process. The most common cause behind this is- cerebellar degeneration. Patients with cerebellar atrophy start getting the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease at a very early age.

The degeneration of the neural tissue causes these complications.

The decay of the brain tissue specially substantia nigra leads to lower levels of dopamine. And when we don’t have the dopamine in the proper amount this causes problems with the responsiveness of the brain.

Because dopamine is the neurotransmitter and for any neural activity we need the proper function of dopamine. Because dopamine is not present in an adequate amount in the brain this leads to abnormal functions of the brain.

The command which should go from the brain to the nervous system is inadequate and because of this, a problem with the moment happens.

Why Parkinson’s is not curable in western medicines?

Because this is a progressive condition therefore with time things start complicating. And all of a sudden the symptoms become very aggressive. Until unless the patient understands the severity of the problem is deep-rooted.

This is the basic cause why Parkinson’s is not curable with western medicines.

The early diagnosis and timely intervention in the pathological process can help a patient to get rid of this condition permanently.

The second reason is patient wants some medicines and some pills to control the disease but in many cases.

I have witnessed the patient is not ready to change lifestyle and dietary patterns. When it comes to planning the treatment of any condition like Parkinson’s. The most important thing is the patient needs to follow the proper diet and lifestyle. This helps in intervening in the pathological process of the disease

Why dopamines are not working well in Parkinson’s disease

Dopamine or levodopa a drug of choice for the treatment of Parkinson‘s disease.

But with time dependence on the drug keeps on increasing and eases keep on complicating with time. The daily four to three doses of dopamine help the patient temporarily in movements and in doing daily activities.

With time, these doses and complications of the patient increase.

But Dopamine doesn’t interfere in the process of the disease. This dependency on chemicals keeps on increasing without any impact on the disease.

Amazingly in the last few decades, the development in Ayurveda is also focused on finding the herbal and natural source of dopamine. So that we can interfere in a similar Western way.

But Ayurveda doesn’t recommend something like this. Ayurveda talks about the reversal of the pathological processes.

Is it possible to reverse the pathological process of Parkinson’s disease?

Aging is something that cannot be reversed we know well. Then how can I be the work on such conditions?

How can Ayurveda Ayurveda reverse the process of aging?

These are valid questions

Ayurveda cannot reverse the process of aging. But certainly, Ayurveda has a scope to slow down the process of aging.

Besides this Ayurveda can also work on the complicated causes of aging. It can be DNA damage that causes the regular speeding up of the process of aging.

Or it can be the toxic impact of sleeping pills or alcohol.

There are certain medicines and ways that are proven to assist in these.

Before anything, we need to find out the root cause of the problem.

If it is about diet and lifestyle, you need to change your diet and lifestyle completely.

Without removing the cause of the problem this is not quite possible to help a patient.

In my clinical practices, I have seen many patients who were taking antidepressant pills regularly or sleeping pills and these patients commonly get the conditions like cerebral atrophy or Parkinson’s disease. And because of dependency on these medicines to sleep, the condition keeps on complicating.

Here we need to make sure that these medicines should discontinue.

The final words on Parkinson’s disease

These patients keep on continuing with their medicines for sleep and conditions keep on deteriorating

There are certain ways that can help two treat cure the conditions of Parkinson’s disease through Ayurveda. There are certain herbs and Panchkarma procedures and Ayurvedic medicines which intervene in the pathological process of the disease therefore not only reduces the complexity of the disease and progressive behavior but also ensures the proper recovery in the patients

The patient was not able to sit properly even for a minute but without the treatment, he started responding to the medicines very quickly now he can sit properly and can do his daily words daily works


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