What Makes Parkinson’s Treatable with Ayurveda

Parkinson’s is a progressive brain disorder. In this disease problem with functions of dopamine causes all kind of problems. The problem can be as mild as “you just want to step forward but your legs don’t take command from your brain”. And this might be complicated with “tremors and complete loss of movement”. This condition is incurable. In simple words, there is no treatment for this condition, with western medical sciences. But with Ayurveda things are different. Ayurveda treatment for Parkinson’s Disease, when planned properly makes this condition treatable.

How a simple system like Ayurveda can prove helpful in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease? When we don’t have any solution for the same, even with all developments in modern science?

Here we will discuss the same, in detail. There are certain points that make Parkinson’s well treatable with Ayurveda treatment. And here are the points-

Not Just Symptoms

Generally treatments are focused on one thing- “I am suffering from this and need some remedy for this”. And this is the point where most of the cases become incurable.

We all just focus on “one thing”. Amid of this, we miss many other things. The same happens with Parkinson’s disease too. Because when we plan for the treatment, we just focus on the dopamine and one or two major symptoms.

Ayurveda has a different approach for this.

Ayurveda talks about “सम्प्राप्ति विघटन” – Smaprapti Vighatan is a Sanskrit word, which literally means- Reversal of Pathological process.

For example, the first thing most of neurologists do incase of Parkinson’s- they just start with an external supply of dopamines. So that we can just suppress the symptoms. But in the meantime, we overlook the factual pathological process. And it becomes chronic.

Chronicity and incurability goes hand in hand.

But when we show-up with Ayurveda in time- The Ayurvedic doctors are well skilled with finding the root cause of the problem. Hence it gives a good chance for a complete cure of Parkinson’s disease.

The Holistic Approach

Medicines might be the solution for many things. But in western medicines, these mostly mask the condition. And these can mask a condition for a while- until unless medicine floats in the bloodstream. As soon as the medicine flushes out, the impact of medicine vanishes.

When we about treatability and curability, we need to think with a holistic approach.

Diseases are just expressions of pathological conditions. And pathological happenings are not just sudden. These need causes. And the most common cause of any disease is- Diet and Lifestyle. This might be Parkinson’s disease or Fibromyalgia and Migraine.

But when we get into the chemical-based treatment, we forget to correct the diet and lifestyle. This leads to the whole mess.

Parkinson’s Disease beyond tremors

When dripping of fuel causes a fire!! What are we supposed to do?

Certainly, we need to cut the supply line, first. Without that, there is no fun in using a fire extinguisher. This seems stupid not to remove the cause and just to hunt for the results.

But this “scientific stupidity” is going on, for years.

Doctors are behaving more like “drug-sellers” with prescriptions.

But Ayurveda is different. Ayurveda talks about changing the diet and lifestyle first. So that disease won’t progress further. And when we can remove the tag of “progressive” from Parkinson’s disease. This is more than a treatment.

The concept of “संक्षेपतोक्रियायोगो निदानपरिवर्जनम” removal of cause makes Parkinson’s well treatable with Ayurveda.

The Detoxing with Panchakarma

When something is smelling bad. You can spray some room freshener or perfume. This helps the place to smell good for a while. Until-unless this chemical work. The moment the foul smell hits back, no perfume works.

The same happens in the case of Parkinson’s too.

When you have an external supply of the dopamines/levodopa- it helps the body. But as soon as this supply ends. The things come to zero.

Does it make any sense to use the perfume daily? Or commonsense is to clean the mess which is causing the “bad smell”.

Commonsense says- clean the mess. But science doesn’t believe so. Because most of the time scientists think, when it is just common it cannot be scientific.

Don’t buy perfume every day.

Do clean the mess.

And the tool is with Ayurveda. You just clean the mess with Panchakarma. The great tools of Panchakarma make it possible to help you to heal the brain and body. This is possible because Panchakarma helps in the removal of Doshas.

So don’t lose hope.

Parkinson’s disease is well treatable through Ayurveda. You just need to focus on the path, you are following. At Sukhayu Ayurved, we do treat this condition with the best possible results.


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