Parkinson’s Disease: Diabetes of brain

Sounds strange to compare a simple condition like diabetes with a complicated condition like Parkinson’s disease. But when we look at the pathological process of these two. Almost everything is the same, even the treatment of both conditions. These are different according to the involvement of the organs and the expression of the disease. Because in diabetes it is – pancreas and insulin and in Parkinson’s, it is substantia nigra of brain is the area and dopamines are responsible. But we will discuss the similarities to better understand the treatment of the condition of Parkinson’s. Ayurveda defines it more properly.

The similarity is important to understand. Because this helps in understanding the disease and its treatment, easily. And when it comes to ayurveda treatment of parkinson’s disease, this understand helps more.

The Pathological Similarities

Pathology is a process. The process which defies, how does disease occur. And in the process, these conditions are one and same.

According to Ayurveda, both- diabetes and Parkinson’s are Vata diseases. And Vata disease occurs only because of the two pathological factors.

  1. Kshaya (The decay) and
  2. Aavrana (The Obstruction)

The decay

In Parkinson’s, this is dopamine that decays. And once the brain doesn’t have an adequate amount of dopamine. It impairs the functions of the brain. Similarly, when the pancreas doesn’t produce the proper amount of insulin. It hampers assimilation of the blood sugar.

Here one thing is the same and that is – decay.

When the production of insulin decays it is insulin. And in another case this is dopamine.

Ayurveda considers it as Dhatu Kshaya. We need to stop the decay. But we are misguided. And everybody thinks that adding a supply of either dopamine or insulin can help. This is not possible. Overall we just walk towards the dependency on the chemicals.

The causes of the decay should be addressed properly. Without that it is not possible to treat the disease. So this is the misconception about the understanding of the disease which makes it curable and incurable. Not the disease.

The Obstruction

In Parkinson’s the dopamine moves from one side to another side. And after attaching to the other side, with dopamine receptors. By doing so it completes its biological activity. A similar thing happens with insulin. Insulin attaches to its receptors and this allows the blood sugar to enter in the cells.

The common thing is- receptors. When something covers these receptors. This obstruction is the cause for these two diseases.

And seriously this is not alone about insulin and dopamine. This is about the body. This is just a chance that these changes impact different organs. Because of this similarity now we know that diabetes and Parkinson’s are closely associated. APDA- American Parkinson Disease Association also considers this link.

But the modern-day medicines is not enriched yet to understand the in-depth pathological developments. Parkison’s disease beyond Parkinson’s.

We all just want to treat the symptoms not the disease. This is the problem, why almost every disease is incurable, nowadays.

At Sukhayu Ayurved we work on the root cause of the disease therefore we ensure the best results in chronic lifestyle disease. We just don’t work on the insulin or dopamine. We work on the- decay or obstruction. Therefore accuracy of results is better with us.


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