Basti as treatment for Neural diseases

Vata is strongest among the Doshas. And this is Basti which can control the Vata. Therefore it makes Basti- more than half of the treatment. When it comes to treat the neurological diseases, the first thing comes in mind of a trained physician is – using the medicine through Anal route. The thing we know as Basti.

Basti is of two types. And this is part of Panchakarma. Whenever it is about Ayurveda treatment the one thing comes in mind is Panchakarma. And most of the serious and genuine people in field of Panchakarma they always talk about Basti. And in neurological conditions, everything revolves around the Basti treatment!!

But how does Basti helps in the treatment of neurological disease, remains a question with everyone? And we need to find the answer to this. Here we are discussing the different aspects of the basti, so that you can better understand why Basti is the treatment of choice for neurological diseases.

Before we start to the scientific understanding about the Basti. Let’s have a look at the simple definition of the Basti.

Basti: The treatment

Basti is the route of medicine. Where we give medicines through the anal route. Because there were no plastic bags 5000 years back. The physicians used the urinary bladder of the Goat as bags. After attaching these bladders medicines with some “specifically designed” canulas- it was easy to insert the medicine into the anus. And because BAST is a word for Goat, therefore this procedure was named BASTI.

This procedure is of three types-

  1. Anuvasana Basti: In this procedure “fat” based medicines are primary medicines. This is a nourishing type of procedure.
  2. Niruha Basti: Decoction of certain herbs along with ghee/tail, honey and salt are used as medicine in this subtype.
  3. Uttar Basti: This type differs in route. Because in this type medicines are inserted through urinary route- urethra.

Now we need to understand how basti is an important procedure for neurological diseases. Here are three different approaches, these can help us a better understanding of the role of the Basti in Neurological diseases!

The Route helps

The route of medicines is an important part. Because route of administration of the medicine impacts on the-

  1. Results of the medicines.
  2. Absorption of the medicines.
  3. Bioavailability of the medicines.
  4. Interaction between medicine and body.

Rectal absorption plays an important role in this process. Because this route is different according to the following points-

  1. Rectal absorption is different from the normal intestinal absorption. The rectum is skilled to absorb the medicines very quickly.
  2. Medicines when used through rectum have a faster onset.
  3. The bioavailability of the medicines is always high.
  4. Most importantly medicines bypass the liver. Therefore their primary metabolites can work on the body. In simple words, medicine can bypass the impact of digestive system.

Along with all these benefits, the level of medicines increases in the blood immediately but remains there for shorter times.

So overall this route has its own values.

Nourishing the Gut Microbiota

Today we know that our body is a habitat for colonies of bacteria. These bacteria play an important role in our health. And when it comes to neurological wellness, we know the Gut Microbiota are crucial.

Because medicines given through the anal route directly impact this flora, therefore helps in neurological diseases. Basti as discussed above is of two types, cleansing and nourishing.

Once these processes of cleansing and nourishment go hand in hand, it helps the flora to flourish properly.

The Second Brain

The gut has its own brain. There are more neurons in the gut than the brain and spine collectively. Not only more these are more than the double. This is the reason, Gut is known as the second brain too.

Basti helps in normalizing the functions of the second brain. This happens because of the cleansing and nourishing activities of the procedure. When these two procedures occur in a particular rhythm, this helps in the restoration of normal activities of the neuronal axis of the body.

So this is not by chance that Basti works in the balancing of the neurological system. This is all scientific approach which helps in working of the neurological diseases.

Basti Helps in

Basti is a treatment that helps in the different diseases and has a very vast impact on the human body. Specifically when we talk about neurological treatments. This helps in the following conditions.


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