Relation of allergy and Doshas of Ayurveda

It is important to understand the relationship between allergies and Doshas. Because – in Ayurveda, no therapy is taken into account without doshas.

As far as allergies are concerned, it is important to know the culprits. These culprits are Doshas in terms of Ayurveda. Without knowing this aspect, it is not possible to comment on treatment possibilities. 

According to Ayurveda, the body acts according to these three doshas- Vata, ​​Pitta and Kapha. When these doshas remain in a perfectly balanced state. Then we are healthy. And as soon as this balance deteriorates – different diseases start spreading in the body. Meaning that these doshas are responsible for keeping the body normal. On contrary these are equally responsible for the diseases of the body. So if the treatment is done from the viewpoint of Ayurveda, then it becomes easier to maintain the natural state of the body. The same thing applies in the case of allergies. As early as we can underline this imbalance that early we can make sure the accurate treatment of conditions.

Why it is important to know about Doshas in Allergy

According to Ayurveda, the three dosha vata pitta kapha complement each other. Because no one act can do a single fault. All doshas have an equal share in all body functions. Suppose that if any allergy is Pitha Pradhan means due to excess of bile then it does not at all mean that he will not have any role of Vata and Kapha. Just as life is based on all the three doshas, ​​every disease has problems with the three doshas. When we talk about the excess of a friend, it means that a defect has become very unbalanced but it does not mean that the other two friends are normal.

Therefore, when we talk about health, when it comes to the treatment of a disease, then our objective is to balance the doshas, ​​as the friends become balanced, the whole functioning of the body starts to improve.

Relation of allergy and defects of Ayurveda:

Different Doshas are responsible for the symptoms of allergies in different ways.

Vata Dosha and Allergy

Whenever Vata dosha disturbs. It imbalances, then its effect will be according to the qualities of Vata. 

Under impact of Vata Doshas body becomes- dry,itchy and it will start to ache. All these symptoms can be itching or dryness in any part of the body. 

As it seems, most of the phlegm causes diseases in the respiratory system. But when the vata dosha increases, the moisture that must remain with the breath. Disappears. And because of this, something like dry cough, difficulty in breathing or itching in the throat is persistent. 

Therefore, it is important to know that in any number, which Dosha has become more imbalanced along with a particular Dosha. When it becomes known, then it becomes easier to treat.

Pitta Dosha and Allergy

In case of imbalance of Pitta dosha, there will be symptoms like- burning sensation in the body. Inflammation will start and blood flow will suddenly increase in the affected area.

The biggest thing with Pitta dosha is burning sensation. 

And at the same time there seems to be a strange pain and it seems that if the affected part is continuously inflicted with cold water or ice, the body will get a lot of rest. 

Pitta dosha refers to fire. For this reason, when it worsens, there is a possibility of fever. Symptoms of Pitta dosha are mostly found in conditions related to the digestive system, such as diarrhea in the body, vomiting, or feeling like burning sensation in the stomach when allergic to wheat .

Kapha Dosha and Allergy

The nature of Kapha dosha is to block or restrain. 

When Kapha dosha becomes imbalanced and allergic then in that case all the sources feel obstructed. 

Symptoms like nasal congestion, heavy head, sinus filling etc. Apart from this, dripping water from the eyes or excessive phlegm resulting in frequent coughing, it indicates cough allergy.

So allergy or any other disease

Relation of allergies and faults of Ayurveda: how to know?

It is never beneficial to seek therapy until we know, which dosha is imbalanced. 

To understand the imbalanced Dosha, there are two tools-

  1. The questionnaire by a Vaidya and
  2. Pulse Diagnosis.

Many patients keep on buying the different products. Online and offline- purchase of medicines. Most of these medicines are sold without checking patients. And in most of these cases remain untreated for years. Because you can never know the exact diagnosis without meeting a patient.

This is not only about patients. There are many physicians who appear online and start oozing with tit-bits and medicines. They examine the patient nor the Doshas. And this challenges the quality of treatment. Aboveall this brings bad name to Ayurveda.

Personalised Consultation: Assessment of Prakriti

If we want to do Ayurveda medicine for allergies then the most important thing is to first observe the Prakriti of the patient. An inspection of Prakriti helps in determining the doshas. This is only possible with personal consultation with Vaidya.

Questionnaires, help us to determine the condition of the patient, along with prakriti of the patient and this helps to make a proper diagnosis.

The Pulse Diagnosis for Dosha Imbalance

Pulse diagnosis is the other tool to know about Doshas. Pulse helps to make a proper diagnose. Not only about the aggravated Doshas but also to know the inherited dosha. Inherited Dosha- is your prakruti.

After both these examinations, it becomes easy to select proper line of treatment.

Therefore, do not take any Ayurveda medicine until you are determined which dosha is more imbalanced.


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