Preserving Health

The Preservation of Health is Easier than

the cure of the disease!

B J Palmer

Every one of us is sure and aware about- “Prevention is better than cure”! Hardly, few of us, believe and apply on this. Because end of the day it seems easy to visit a store of medicines. And to buy something to relieve the signs and symptoms for time being. In case of a severe attack, the option is- Medical Insurance and get into bigger hospitals.

Moreover, the news magazines and internet keeps on updating you that in coming years there will be a technology which will help you to get rid of all pains just. This would be done either by taking a pill or you can save your stem cells in a bank. You are free to ruin your health completely. And once you have ruined the organ completely, visit the bank and get the stem cells installed and work again.

Isn’t it easy for you?

So at last you have many options to reconstruct your health and to get rid of different major problems associated with the “prevention of the diseases” like-

  • Tasteless food
  • Restricted Diet
  • Managed and punctual lifestyle
  • Right postures
  • No late night parties

Adequate amount of liquors and much more……

So beside trying and tackling all these conditions, it is quite easy to use some pills and to chill! This “Pill and Chill” proverb sounds easy for everyone.

But none of us have thought that what will be the complications of being ill and diseased?

Is it really as simple as it sounds “Pill and Chill”?

Not really!

Truth is bitter to believe, not as easy, as this proverb of pills.

Why Do We fall ILL

Do you know why you are diseased? What diseases mean to you? Why does body become so wicked and weird at certain points?

Diseases are “alarms”, alarms for something going wrong inside the body! Diseases tell us that something or many things are not working according to norms and principles of the body. These alarms are there to aware us that this is the time to alert. When you shut down these alarms by force, this is like switching off the fire alarms in the building….and let the building to get fire. The utility of alarms is to avert the accidents. Once we keep on chilling by pilling…..after few episodes, these alarms get weaker and you keep on progressing towards some chronic problems, this is the most common problem with the health. The story of “wolf-wolf” applies on the human body also.

When these alarms are on, the whole system, all the cells gets on an alert and start preparing to fight against the condition but you just take a pill and silent the alarms. Half prepared cells take some time to get back to the normal condition.

Wake up before the alarm

After one or two episodes like this, cells starts ignoring such signs and alarms, which make this possible for the body to lead to the chronic diseases. Where it becomes harder to cure and handle such conditions.

Morbidity due to lifestyle disease is highest ever, right now. We don’t have solution. And solutions doesn’t seem to be there in near future.

Advancement of the science is failing. Bacteria and viruses are evolving faster than the science in labs. These small organisms are developing resistance faster than we are busy in developing the antibiotics. The fight for survival is winning over the fight to kill.

Do a survey on 100 or 1000 people and you will hardly find someone who can claim to be completely healthy. Than what to do in this case?

Don’t we have any choice other than to fall ill. Cannot we get rid of the vicious cycle of diseases? We need to find the answers for all this questions.

Solving the Puzzle of Health

It seems very complicated for every step. But this is not a puzzle, which cannot be solved. We need to understand few points for this. The first and foremost thing we need to know is-

You cannot buy health, you need to earn it!!

This is the basic mistake everybody of us make. We all believe that in time when things will ruine. We can buy the health from a medical store and a big hospital.

But it is not true.

Health is like an earning. You need to put some efforts for this. Without efforts you cannot maintain your health.

Health is not merely just a way to keep your “blood-test” reports normal. Everything in limit -biochemically- is not an assurance of complete health at all. Without putting some efforts you cannot get back your health.

Don’t make rules

In my small career of 15 years as a physician, I have consulted thousands of patients. Almost every patient asked me to give a “rule-book”. A guide book for health. Or they just wanted some diet plan or daily routine chart.

I always said no.

Because you never need a rulebook for this complex machine which we know as human body. Every cell in human body is an entity and this human body is like an island of cells in the environment.

Human body has its own intelligence. And the confort, where these cells can “behave” and “work” normally is health. It is a state. Not just a parameter.

And you need to be artistic to bring human body in that frame. And no art can be explored by a rulebook.

When we make rules. We bring amendments. These amendments are so regular that we almost lose the basic essence of the rules.

And when you are into Ayurveda. You need a different rule for a different person and a different day.

When you don’t feel to eat- don’t eat. Fasting can kill cancerous cells (at least we know this much today). Therefore, the best rule is- listen your body. Follow your spirit.

The T-R-S rule

Whenever my patients force me to say something about health plans. I will say- T-R-S.

TRS- is complete Ayurveda.

  • T stands for Traditional
  • R is for Regional and
  • S is for Seasonal

Tradition is wisdom. Wisdom, which is result of hundreds and thousands years. Generations worked on these basic principles. The diet, lifestyle and everything is result of this regular observation and interpretation.

Where we born. Where we live. When it comes to main health. These are two important things to know about. These make the concept of region. The concept of the diet was mostly regional. But globalisation of food changed the whole concept of the diet.

Thai food was for Thailand. Mexican food for Mexico and Italian food for Italy. This we need to apply for the complete wellness.

Last is the, seasonal. Season is the wisdom of nature. Every season is result of the movement of the Sun and Moon. Therefore we need to follow the guidelines from the nature.

So these three TRS are important things to follow. These can help in managing the health completely.

Final Words

So better manage your Diet, Lifestyle to stay healthy. These are the only tools to get rid of the problems with your health. Ayurveda is the promising authority to assist you in both these spheres- Diet and Lifestyle. You can maintain your health easily by choosing Ayurveda as a system to support you for your complete health.

So it is better to stay healthy and to avoid the pills. Because in reality, you can Chill only without Pills! Stay healthy with Ayurveda….


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