Myths About Obesity

These are some points you have tried sometime or maybe you are still practicing some of these lines. We have an interest to provide you the best health solutions. For this we are committed to give the best information from our side. Some of these myths are as follows-

Myth: Calories are important to count daily?

Truth: To get rid of the obesity first kill the Ghost of the Calories. Hardly few of us are known to the fact that what calories are really. If the system of calories is too accurate, why modern dietitians are not capable to make people lean and thin? Answers lie in the theory of calorie itself.

Calorie is a physicochemical value for a food calculated in a laboratory. This is just a calculation. We all human beings are special in our bio-configuration, our Prakritis. If one will say that all the cars and bikes should give same average for a liter of gasoline or any fuel, is it possible? The average for a mo-bike a company tells is how much true? This is the difference of a system, which consumes a food or a fuel. Calories of a food are different for an individual and for better health one should understand it properly. If you want to count, count your requirement for food not the calories.

Myth: Drinking of extra water is good for health?

Truth: some proverbs are true more than a science itself, excess of everything is bad, is such a proverb. When one listens that drinking of extra water is good for health, he starts oozing a lot of water in the intestines in a belief that he will lose some pounds in a day.

By drinking water one dilutes his/her gastric fluids or all enzymes of the intestine. This helps to suppress the hunger and body starts to store the foods in form of fats, whatever body gets from outside, can be changed to fats for deposition. On other hand, due to poor Bio-fire (Mandaagni) body starts facing indigestion and production of Ama starts. Ama itself is a cause of obesity and Ama is the main culprit which can block all the body channels and you invite more and more weight.

Myth: Fasting or dieting is helpful in losing some extra pounds?

Truth: After fast one can lose some weight, but that is the water loss either or it is the loss in muscles not in body fats. More than this your body starts storing more and more fats to get rid of the scarcity of the foods. So work in tune with the body and try to lose some fats not the muscles.

Myth: Eating of more leaves and more salads is useful to lose weight?

Truth: God changed our intestines, when he was evolving us to human beings from animals, He reduced the length? We human beings are made to eat the cooked food. Not for cellulose as our intestines are not capable to digest the cellulose and through this way we lead ourselves to misery of health. More than this extra fibrous diet can lead us to indigestion too as these absorb more and more water from intestines leading those to dry up.

Myth: Cholesterol is totally bad?

Truth: Cholesterol is a main culprit for all of us when it comes to talk about obesity and body weight. Now modern doctors are also a bit aware about the truth! Cholesterol is a basic need of the body. Cholesterol is not only an important part of the cell walls in our body, which keeps our cells healthy and configured, but also it is most important for the production of many of hormones of daily requirement.

This is the awareness of the modern science that every second fellow in his forties is a patient of joint pains today. There is no data telling that after cessation of cholesterol there is any control over the heart diseases, but it is confirm from that day number of patients with infertility is increasing day by day. So add some fats to your menu otherwise your body is smart as it can generate fats from proteins also.


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