All you need to know about Asthma

All About Asthma

Asthma is common. But not commonly treatable. And there is a mesh of wrong information around asthma. Because every disease is a market and a way to earn money. Therefore these misinformations are never answered and we all keep on believing in them. Here we are talking about the five most common “myths” about Asthma, which impact every patient with Asthma.

Does Childhood Asthma cure after a particular age?

This is the most common lie- what your doctors tell you. When your kid is first diagnosed with Asthma (Or asthma-like condition).

But it is not true.

With medicines for a long time, your child’s asthma can control for a while. But it can return more forcefully at any age.

There is no evidence that asthma cures by itself at any age.

So don’t just buy this trick for selling medicines.

You can certainly get rid of asthma through Ayurveda treatment at any age. But this should not be a chronic condition.

Is Asthma incurable?

Asthma is hard to treat. A complicated condition. But it never makes the condition incurable. This condition is incurable because we lack an approach to treatment.

In starting part of the chapter, where Charaka Samhita talks about the treatment of asthma. Student asks- which is the condition most complicated in treatment. And can prove fatal. ThenGuru talks about the condition of Asthma.

So there is no doubt that Ayurveda addresses the complexity of the condition. But besides that Ayurveda also understands the right progress of the treatment.

In modern medicines, they are yet to explore the angle of the neurological involvement of the treatment. But Ayurveda addresses it well in advance and understands the interconnection between the nervous system and immune system in case of Asthma.

This in-depth understanding of the treatment makes Ayurveda curable.

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Inhalers are the safest medicines for Asthma?

No doubt- inhalers help in the treatment of Asthma. And in certain conditions, these prove a complete “rescue” for the patients.

But in any way- these are not the safest medicine for asthma.

Likewise, other medicines have side effects- the medicines which we inhale too have side effects.

The most common side-effect of any chemical is- they cause dependency. When someone is using these medicines for a long. These medicines “stop working”. And these cause dependencies. You miss the dose and you can miss the breath.

So you need to be practical about the disease and medicines. Never ever take medicines and treatments “granted”.

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Are there miracle treatments for Asthma in Ayurveda?

When it comes to Ayurveda. We all expect miracles. Miracles like – “Gulping-a-fish” with medicine or some “Sanjeevani” like herb from up high in the Himalayas.

Ayurveda is a science.

The nature of science is to contradict the miracles. So does the Ayurveda. Ayurveda doesn’t have space for miracles in any way.

The line of treatment is well established in Ayurveda with the guidelines. Because everybody’s asthma is not the same that is why- everybody’s treatment is different.

These four points are enough to explain the nature of the disease.

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