Is It Safe to Use Ayurveda

Is it safe to use Ayurveda

Heavy metals, adulterated herbs, Evidence-based, herbs carrying some bad elements, quackery, disapproved thoughts, not research-oriented- there are many confusions and questions which are associated with Ayurvedic Sciences. This is not important to answer all these questions to a modern medicine-obsessed person. These questions are for them who believe in Ayurveda and their beliefs are attacked every now and then by every Sam and John!

We will start taking these questions, from last to first!

The Questions

Have you ever thought that you or your so-called scientists should try a new version of the vehicle, which will move in the opposite direction and you looking in the right direction through a mirror? It sounds funny! But there is a reason for doing so because this is not researched that what will be the benefits of driving by looking in a mirror! We can reduce the toll of deaths by doing so because everybody will be more careful.

It is ridiculous, to start with such a para!

Yes….the same they want from Ayurveda. They say prove it…make sure that this is right and proper. A system that is thousands of years old, need to prove its presence and utility. Remember, Mr. Darwin? He told clearly that only competent will survive. Ayurvedic system of treatment is surviving because of its competence. Some tests in the lab cannot decide the efficiency and practicality of something. If it is so, the conventional medicines….we are using should be perfect and there shouldn’t be any side effects of these medicines on anybody.

The confusion

For some of the people- Ayurveda is just a compendium of some home remedies and some “tricks” with herbs…not approved thoughts! Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery…….these are the details Ayurvedic text has made. Modern science has not found any other new dimension other than these! How can someone say this is a religious part of a country or a “trick” and a “home remedial knowledge”?

If someone has not seen a lion and says that a lion is smaller than a cat or larger than an elephant….this is the problem of the person, who thoughts so. Not of the lion, cat, and elephant. For those ignorance is a virtue and they believe to be “virtual” always. Secondly, none can be a master of a subject by collecting some subject material and information about something. One who has “studied” the subject in a proper way can only tell what exactly the thing is- Cat, Lion, or Elephant!

The Clarity

Quackery is a trait of human behavior, not of a system and a science. There are quacks in modern medicines too. They forget the scissors, scalpels, and gauze pieces in the abdomen of patients….does it prove or approve that the modern conventional system is a system of forgetfulness? Huh….it is funny….even for Ayurved! The white-clad physicians are earning by recommending unnecessary diagnostic tests….does it make conventional science a system of “unwanted tests”.

Herbs can carry some bad elements, true. So can be your all types of foods. Including the “animal-food-products” we survive on the herbs alone- directly or indirectly. The problem starts when we label these herbs with Ayurveda. If they extract some chemical from a herb, synthesize it in a factory (how most of the modern medicines are developed), it makes their work “research” and herbs safer? Cry, but only for a cause. Not unnecessarily.

Just face the side effect and don’t utter a word and keep on taking medicines for rest of the life for- Ankylosing spondylitis, Migraine, Parkinson’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromylagia– and they dare to discuss the efficacy of Ayurveda??

Final Words

Evidence-based! This is a word, which can manipulate things easily. If you want to weigh the sand in liter, water in centimeters, and distance in kilograms….does it make any sense. We are trying to do the same with Ayurvedic Sciences, for years. The science which is not based on physical parameters, we are stuck to prove the same science on physical parameters? What a ridiculous way to comment!

Adulterated herbs and heavy metals, surely these are two big questions because the concern is the health of an individual. But the answer lies above in the matter. This is Ayurveda, which brings this kind of adulteration and mixes the heavy metals- these are the self-centered quacks, who do so for their personal benefits. Modern medicine is also infected with “bad-quality” medicines and “fake” medicines. It never means that science is not good. They developed science for the wellbeing of everyone, not to spoil anyone’s health and happiness.

The main things that matters when you are getting the services of Ayurveda-

  • From where you are taking the service- is it a reliable source.
  • Who is behind the organization- team of physicians or team of businessman- you can understand their behaviour and thoughts will be different so will be the difference in their products and services.
  • Are you relying on information or on knowledge?
  • Are you doing everything under a perfect supervision?
  • You should have a Authentic Ayurvedic Source for your treatment and care.


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