The Diseases of Urinary System in Ayurveda

Ayurveda about kidney disease

Ayurveda is a different school of medicine. So this is just obvious that Ayurveda has some differences in thought process too. These differences are with approach towards diseases. Because the same difference makes ayurveda more practical. Ayurveda looks at the urinary diseases from a different perspective. The common in the two streams is- “wellness of human being” and a regular try to make sure that we can lead our lives normally.

Here I am discussing the diseases of the urinary system from Ayurvedic view point. So that you can better understand the diseases of the urinary system. Certainly this understanding helps in selection fo the best treatment.

Mutrakricchra or Dysurias

This condition refers to the painful micturition in one word. But along with pain, the frequency of the urination increases. This pain comes when patient urinates. Generally this type of pain signifies the condition of urinary infection. And blockage in the passage of the urine also can cause the pain.

There are several types included:

  • Vataja Mutrakricchra: It is Neurogenic or traumatic dysuria or acute sterile urinary colic.
  • Pittaja Mutrakricchra: It is an acute infection in the urinary tract, which is challenging to treat.
  • Kaphaja Mutrakricchra: This represents the heaviness in the groin and associated areas.
  • Abhighataja Mutrakricchra: This can be traumatic or Surgical Dysureas. In this infection reaches to kidney and affect the organs severely.

Ashmari or Urolithiasis

In this condition, stones are formed in various parts like urinary bladder and kidney. These stones can cause an obstruction in urine path leading to pain and swelling with further infections. Some basic types, according to the stone, are classified as follows:

  • Vataja: uric acid stones.
  • Pittaja: calcium oxalate, uric acid, and cystine stones.
  • Kaphaja: Calcium phosphate stones.
  • Shukraja: seminal stagnation results in the formation of urinary stones.


It means Suppression and Retention of urine due to several reasons; atonia or distension of bladder, incontinence of urine, enlarged prostate, seminal stagnation & severe constipation. One more additional cause can be a renal failure which can be oliguric or anuric.

Some Miscellaneous reasons consist of:

  • Tuni & Pratituni
  • Mutraavritta Vata & Pratyashthila
  • Basti shola, Mutra udavarta & Mutra Viddha
  • Parivartika & Niruddha Prakash

So these are some of the diseases of the Urinary System according to Ayurveda. Therefore we need to look at all the conditions from Ayurvedic perspectives when we are going for Ayurveda treatment.


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