Diet For Coronary Heart Disease

Diet For Coronary Heart Disease

Coronaries are small arteries, but are too vital because these arteries supply to the heart, the heart, which supplies to the whole of the body! There are certain myths about the diet and heart diseases and these myths are proving deadly due to the lack of the knowledge. Here are some of the main dietetic principles for the Coronary Heart Diseases (Angina Pectoris). Diet for the Coronary Heart Diseases can be one lined as – Healthy Eating- Low-fat, High-complex carbohydrate diet.

There are certain confusions that fats are the main culprits in increasing the cholesterol in the body, but truth is different from the information. Fats are not the only culprits for causing the problems with the body. Read the article here about the truth of the fats!
It is hard to find the cure for the Coronary Heart Diseases but it is really very easy to manage and treat this condition, easily by managing your diet and lifestyle.
In our present state of knowledge, the following dietetic suggestions are useful for the prevention and treatment of Coronary Heart Diseases.

Diet for Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

1.     Restrict total calories to reduce body weight and maintain it at the normal for height, age and sex.
2.     It is not desirable to restrict all forms of fats, as severe restriction results in mental and physical depression.
3.     Fats should form 30% of the total calories.
4.     Fats should be consumed partly as unsaturated vegetable oils, such as cottonseed, groundnut and olive oil- dependent on your regional dietary pattern.
5.     Animal fats, specially the Ghee are the best to use for the complete health in case of cardiac diseases. What matters in case of taking Ghee is the way of consumption of these fats.
6.     Green vegetables. Fruits, cereals, skimmed milk, and lean meat can be taken liberally. Sugar intake should be reduced.
7.     There or four small meals are preferable to two big meals. The evening meal should be about two hours before retiring.
8.     Regular exercise is most useful, but physical strain after a meal should be avoided.
9.     Smoking should be stopped and alcohol should be stopped or minimized.

If you want to have a proper knowledge about – how to prevent deadly diseases like Coronary Heart Diseases/ Angina, you should have a complete knowledge about your diet and lifestyle. We have brought the complete solutions for your health according to your individual needs, just upgrade your membership to Premium/Executive levels and a complete team of Ayurvedic physicians will be there for you to guide you properly for your complete health.
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