Diet For Constipation

diet for constipation

Irregular behaviour of the Gut is known as Constipation. This is the most common problem of modern generations, where almost every 2nd person is facing the problems with the evacuation of bowls. For someone it can be a normal thing, but here is a simple question- what will happen if the sewerage system of your house is not working properly? It is Yuk. Surely! The same is the state of your body when you don’t evacuate on normal times.

Constipation is directly associated with the Diet so proper diet is the first requirement for healthy gut. Please never ignore the condition like constipation, because constipation can be very dangerous for anybody of us as it rotten the system of the body to a very deep level.

Diet for Constipation is important but you should know how you can get rid of this problem, because if you are facing severe constipation- then surely you need some good alternative herbal supplement for constipation. For Diet planning in case of Constipation, here are the favourable and excludable foods below and special dietary guidelines before this, what you need to plan to get rid of the constipation. Here are few rules of healthy eating-

Diet Guidelines for constipation

1.     Never take too much or too less water- Moderate is also a level.
2.     Consume fibres with some sort of oleation because for flow you need to maintain the Vata in balance.
3.     Bowel evacuation is a habit and you should train yourself, believe human body is the easiest machine to train.
4.     Keep an eye on your foods what you are eating, more than the labels of the foods you are taking.

These are four principal and you can remember these in a format- WATER-OIL-HABIT and SELECTION OF THE FOOD. Here are some of the favourable food stuffs to be included in your

Diet for Constipation

  • Bread or Chapattis of wheat, preferably from granary or whole flour
  •  Breakfast cereals, preferable high-bran cereals or porridge oats, with some milk/ghee with them
  • Rice, preferably brown rice
  • Vegetables, preferably with skin 
  • Salad, with some cream or olive oil (Remember the word MODERATE). Never forget to squeeze a lemon and some Rock Salt on Salad. 
  • Meat, fish or chicken 
  • Eggs
  • Milk or Milk products
  • Cooking fat or butter
  • Condiments and spices
  • Papad, chutney and pickles
  • Fruits, fresh, preferably with skin
  • Fruits, dried
  • Sugar, Jaggery or honey
  • Dessert or sweets
  • Fluids, 8-10 glasses a day- it should be hot water!

These are few goodies for you to follow. Here we have a sample menu for you to be followed, if your condition is too severe, please consult our Vaidyas and select the right foods and lifestyle by coming to Sukhayu Ayurved.  Follow the diet according to your Doshas. We have a team of well qualified who will give day by day diet plans to you according to your Doshas and Prakruti.


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