Sjögren’s Syndrome/Sicca syndorme is a condition which is an autoimmune disease. This condition has no treatment with conventional system of medicines. Patients are advised to survive on Steroidal Remedies or immunosuppressive medicines. These medicines have severe side effects on the body and lead to the poor quality of life. A patient doesn’t get the relief from the disease. But starts inviting other complications with all such treatments. Sukhayu Ayurved is a prime institution of Ayurveda where we are providing Sjögren’s Syndrome treatment in Ayurveda.

What happens in Sjögren’s Syndrome

Dry eyes and dry mouth are two main symptoms which appear in Sjögren’s Syndrome. Other than these there are several other symptoms too-

Joint pain is another common symptom of Sjögren’s Syndrome. Morning stiffness might be present just similar to the rheumatoid arthritis. Prolonged fatigue and tiredness also appear in these cases.

Because of lack of saliva- salivary glands start swelling up. This happens due to heavy working of the glands. Skin rashes along with dry skin is also another symptom of Sjögren’s Syndrome. Due to dryness in throat, patients come with a complaint of regular dry cough.

Apart from all these signs and symptoms the most common thing in Sjögren’s Syndrome is – dry eyes and dry mouth. The noun dry eye syndrome and dry mouth syndrome are also in use because of the commonness of these symptoms.

Ayurveda About Sjögren’s Syndrome

The main thing in the treatment is the correct diagnosis. Until unless we don’t have the correct diagnosis in Ayurvedic terms, it is hard to treat or take a case for any of the diseases. When it comes to the Sjögren’s Syndrome, team of Sukhayu Ayurved has worked hard to pinpoint the ayurvedic diagnosis. This is Udaka Vaha Srotas Dushti! If we look at the classical reference of the same we find the same-

जिह्वा तालु ओष्ठ कण्ठ क्लोम शोषम पिपासां चातिवृद्धम दृष्ट्वोदकव्हानयस्य स्रोतांसि प्रदुष्टनीति विद्यात! 
                                                                                                 चरक विमान स्थान ५/८

In this reference Charaka says that this is the “turbulence” in the Udaka Vaha Srotas. Which leads to the dryness of the tongue, palate, lips and throat along with excessive thirst. This is the thing which has similar reference to the Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Sjögren’s Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

Once we have a direct reference to the diagnosis, we need the Chikitsa Sutra and that we find in the same reference very much loud and clear- तृष्णोपशामनि तथैवामप्रदोषीकी!That clearly indicates that we should work on the toxins- Aama, which are the main thing in any of the autoimmune or immune system related conditions- which are the root cause of the problem. Along with that we need to pacify the thirst.

In Ayurved every treatment is given in terms of Sutra- the line of treatment and we follow the text as it is in every case, whether it is a complicated cancer and Sjögren’s Syndrome or simple fever. The actual treatment is given in accordance to the condition of the patient.  Bio-constitution (Prakriti) and complete examination of the patient, is important in Ayurved.

For Sjögren’s Syndrome treatment in Ayurveda, a patient needs to stay with us for 16 days, we give Basti treatment along with medicines- in start it is an IPD treatment later on you need to continue the medicines for 18 to 24 months for complete control on the condition.

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