Nagkeshar, Messua ferrea is a drug of choice for problems with slow digestion and it helps to get rid of the Ama deposited in the digestive system. It is a herb of choice for the natural cure of bleeding piles when taken with buttermilk. It also works as a hemostatic herb- which reduces the excessive bleeding from the body, so Nagkeshar is proficiently used in the conditions like heavy menstrual flow and even in a small condition of bleeding gums.

Iron Wood Tree- Nagkeshara is close to the great herb of Keshara- Nagkeshara works similarly as an aphrodisiac just like Keshara.
English Name: Iron Wood tree, Cobra’s saffron. 

Effect on Doshas

Kapha-pitta-Pacifying so useful in disorders induced by Kapha-Pitta and also a drug for the Kapha Pitta body Type.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Nagkeshar

Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka
Kashaya, tikta;Laghu and rukshaSlightly ushna Katu
  • It is beneficial to improve digestive capacity of stomach so that undigested wasteful substances (Ama) are not harm the body system.
  • Thus helps in the- Ayurvedic treatement of Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing spondylitis and Rheurmatoid Arthritis.
  • It is mixed with SHATDAUT ghee is applied on burning palms and soles.
  • Nagkeshar has brain tonic it is useful in brain debility and hysteria.
  • This  is used in anorexia, distaste, dyspepsia, emesis, worms
  • It acts as a haemostatic in bleeding piles, dysentery and menorrhagia It should be given as a single drug.
  • It is used in cough induced by kapha, dyspnoea and hiccoughs as it alleviates kapha.
  • It is used as a aphrodisiac
  • It has Diuretic, hence useful in retention of urine and works well in Ayurvedic tretament of Chronic renal failure.
  • It is used in skin disorder, erysipelas.
  • This is beneficial to treat chronic fever and excessive thrist.
  • It is used to relieve pain in throat and head region.
Best Recommended Uses
Nagkeshara is very useful in bleeding disorders especially bleeding piles and excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle.
Basically, it corrects the metabolism of the body and pacifies the fire component of the body.
Doses and Useful Parts
Seeds and Stamen are the useful parts of Nagkeshara and its recommended dose is 2-3 gm taken in powder form


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