Are You Bleeding Normally

Am I bleeding normally?

Every women has this question in mind. But most of the times none is aware about the normal cycle. Because of this- lack of awareness- most of the times, abnormal cycles become normal. And this acceptance leads a patient to many problems in future.

The main thing with lack of awareness with Ayurveda was- there were very few or you can say hardly some Ayurveda-Female-Gynecologists in the practice. But in last decade a complete generation of Ayurveda- Gynecologists is there. Thus now we can talk about the normalcy of the menstruation and other female issues with patients.

Here are few points which will help you to know more about the normalcy of the menstruation according to different “symptoms” associated with this monthly event.

Flow of the Blood

This is the foremost thing, which you can check as a female. But what is the definition of the normal? This is not clear to any one of us.

Ayurveda says – neither too much nor too less.

So this is about your feeling, firstly. Secondly the number of pads and days also can help you to count on this. Follow the simple principles-

  1. Is number of bleeding-days changed in last few months of years?
  2. Are you using less or more pads, every day?
  3. Do you feel comfortable with the blood flow?

These three questions when you ask yourself answers your query about flow of the menstrual blood.

Less or more means – abnormal and you should consult for this, rather making this more complicated with time.

How does it smell?

Ayurveda doesn’t consider a woman as impure, when she bleeds for monthly event. This period is about preparing for the next big things and that is fertility. Believe we were not populated like now in old times.

No smell is the smells of the blood oozing out of you.

So when your blood has some smell, it means you are not doing good at all. Keep on smelling yourself and you can know about the normalcy of the flow.


As a gynecologist I met many females who will say- “I bleed with clots and it is bnormal for me”.

And it becomes challenging for me to make them believe that this really not normal.

When you have clots in your flow, that cannot be normal at all. This shows the complicated conditions of Vata and Kapha imbalance. So please, don’t overlook the clots in your flow.

How do you feel before period?

This is something more important than anything. Like the clots, most of the patients suffering with the abnormal period take the Premenstrual syndrome as a “sign” of the menstruation. They describe like-

I feel unstable, constipated, irritated and moody- but you know this is just about my periods!

I have headache and excessive appetite, I need to eat more frequently and it stays for 3 – 4 days before my periods. This is part of the process.

You tell me to sleep for the whole day before my periods and this is just a sign that I will be down with in two days“.

Believe me, these three statements are three conditions for three aggravated Doshas for me.

None of these is normal. And needs treatment immediately. Better you consult and find the solution for this.

The final words

Apart from there if you feel anything abnormal with your periods, don’t wait. Just consult some good Ayurveda physician for this. Because once you overlook some change in your periods, then certainly it is not a good thing. Certainly this might impact your complete health in long run.

You can consult me online, through Video Consultation at your ease.


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