Ayurveda About Menstrual Cycle

Ayurveda is specific about the details with the menstruation. There are different words for the process of menstruation. Aartava is one of the most commonly used. But the text use – Rajah, Pushpa, Stri-Shukr etc. too. But here we don’t need to make it complicated. Because you need to know what is the definition of the normal menstrual cycle for you and we will discuss the same here.

As per Ayurveda this cycle starts from the age of 12 and ends in age of 50 years. But this calculation is according to the age-span of those times. The menopause indicates the start of the “old-age” process too. As per Ayurveda this monthly event shows the state of health in a female.

Different symptoms of which associate with your menstrual cycle shows the different doshas-

  • Painful menstruation – Vata imbalance.
  • Heavy Flow – Pitta imbalcne
  • Scanty periods – Kapha problems
  • Clots- Vata and Kapha disease
  • Absence of periods – Vata issues and so on

So by just knowing about menstrual history of a patient, it becomes easy to diagnose about her Dosha. Vaidya Neetu at Sukhayu uses the same ancient skills and this is the reason, Sukhayu Ayurved has the best results for Gynecological diseases.

A healthy Menstruation

The Ayurvedic books talk about this in detail. And the most importantly, the description of the cycle is described by Charaka Samhita. Here it goes-

मासान्निष्पिच्छदाहार्ति पञ्चरात्रानुबन्धि च | नैवातिबहु नात्यल्पमार्तवं शुद्धमादिशेत् ||

Here this verse describes –

  • The flow should come after a month.
  • Flow should be without stickiness.
  • It should persist for 5 days.
  • Flow should be neither too heavy nor too less.

So clearly this description talks about the quantitative-characteristics of the menstrual cycle.

Here the month is more like- 28 days. Because Ayurveda considers Lunar month, not the solar one. Therefore we can find the difference in counting of days as per Ayurveda. Nothing is wrong, this is just the way of looking at things, from a different perspective.

Now comes the qualitative characters of the menstrual cycle-

गुञ्जाफलसवर्णं च पद्मालक्तकसन्निभम् | इन्द्रगोपकसङ्काशमार्तवं शुद्धमादिशेत् ||२२६||

The flow should be bright red in colour, the colour description is according to these-

Indragopa: this is an insect. Also Known as Rain bugs or Red Velvet bug.


Ratti: these are seeds of Abrus precatorius. These are also red colored.

Padma Alktak: the color of the menstrual flow should be like the red colored lotus.

The same description comes in Sushruta and other books where they talk about the color of the menstrual flow – Red like blood of rabbit.

The other quality of the healthy and normal menstrual blood is – it never leaves stain on the cloth.

So if your menstrual blood is leaving a stain on cloth then this is neither natural nor healthy.

Unanimously all books consider that menstrual blood should be clear and without any kind of smell.


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