Can Ayurveda avoid Hysterectomy?

In most of the countries, hysterectomy is most common surgical procedure. This is when, surgeons cannot do it on male population!! This is enough to understand the eagerness of the surgeons to remove your uterus.

“You have kids and not planning for another issue. You can get rid of the monthly problems with periods. Uterus is just a waste now for you.”

These are the simple but effective convincing logics, used widely by gynecologists. And in most of the cases they are able to convince more than 80% females for this. This makes hysterectomy the most common gynecological procedure with surgery.

And the rate with hysterectomies are done nowadays- is always questionable and worrisome. But the lack of awareness about the importance of the uterus is the main problem. Secondly, lack of the options for the problem, for which hysterectomies are advised, makes it problematic.

So let’s discuss the possible answers for the problem. But before that we need to know about possible complications of the hysterectomy.

What problems can hysterectomy cause?

There is no surgery without possibilities of the complications, this is the one and foremost thing. Loss of blood and other possible complications can appear during the surgery. But with skilled surgeons and best facilities these are not major. And we need not to consider these.

All the complications come under three headings. Physical, psychological and sexual. Let’s talk about these, one by one.

Physical problems due to hysterectomy

There might be wide problems because of removal of uterus. And these are-

  • Pain in the region (this lasts for few days only).
  • Vaginal bleeding and discharge.
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Hot flashes- feeling like heat is coming out of the body.
  • Vaiginal Dryness
  • Seating during sleep
  • Increased risks of osteoporosis.

Few of these might appear after removal of uterus. Not importantly all will present.

Emotional impact of removal of uterus

Certainly hormonal changes in the body can lead to the emotional ups and downs. The mood swings are the most common for this condition.

Because when there is no choice condition for the removal of uterus in young age. This can lead to severe depression for the females who wants issues.

Womanhood associates mostly with uterus and menstrual cycle. Therefore it impacts on every woman.

Sexual issues

There are few factors which leads to the sexual issues-

  • Vaiginal dryness
  • Hormonal changes
  • Behavioural changes

Because of these three few females feel problems with sexual life.

One thing is clear from the discussion, that decision of removal of uterus is not “just-another” thing which you should do without a second thought.

Coming to main question

Can Ayurveda save my uterus from Surgery?

Yes, Certainly Ayurveda can save your uterus. In most of the cases with simple problems like excessive bleeding, uterine fibroids and dysfunctional uterine bleeding- Ayurveda proves more than a wonder. But when you have some serious problems like cancer in uterus or cervix, then certainly you need to go for the surgery immediately.

Where conditions are simple and not complicated like cancer, you should certainly adopt Ayurveda for the gynecological treatment. This not only helps you in getting rid of the problem but also can ensure the preservation of natural body parts.

So consult before making any decision about adopting Ayurveda to avoid gynecological surgery. Balanced and honest options should follow.

Always understand, this is not just removal of uterus. This is more than that for every female.

You can consult with video consultation with me, so that I can guide you properly.


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